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Just sharing a cat hair tip

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Before you wash that bedding that is covered in cat hair. Put it in the dryer first with 2 wet dryer sheets. Run one cycle and pull it out. The cat hair is now on the dryer sheets and now you can wash your bedding without clogging up your machine.
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That's certainly worth a try. I usually run a sticky roller over the bedding (or just use masking tape) like a fiend to try and get rid of most of the hair before washing. Thanks!
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While we're discussing cat hair, MA, could you please give me some advice on what I can do to keep my baby Gypsy from shedding so darn much? I brush her daily, but her hair it everywhere!! (I know its hers because shes our only white haired kitty) Would some fish oil on her food help maybe? Hubby is getting a little irriated because she always sleeps in his dresser :laughing:
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I need advise on the shedding too. Rascal is shedding alot. I've been brushing him everyday for a half an hour!
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If your cat is long-hair you need to do daily grooming or their fur gets really matted. The short-hair cats grooming tools are their tongues. The cats shed according to how much daylight they are exposed to, so now that the days are getting longer, the shedding is longer as well.

Cod liver oil will help to put a shine in their coats, and there are special combs you can buy that have a roller type handle for the long-hairs so the pulling of the hair isn't that severe. Bathing will help too, but basically, you cat is shedding it's winter coat and you just have to wait it out.
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Washing something with cat hair on it is bad for the washer? Shoot, someone needs to make a book of all the things you need to know when you move out on your own about your car and your house.
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That's a great idea! Thanks hissy!

As for help with controling shedding, we sell a product at work called Mrs. Allen's shed stop. I've heard mixed reviews from it so I'm not so sure on how well it works. I just give everyone a good comb down and deal with the hair. After all no outfit is complete without cat hair.
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Hissy, great minds think alike I also recomend the lint brushes they sell at most stores. It looks like a hair brush but it's velvet with arrows. It's much cheaper than the rollers with tape
I wish I knew how to spell it, but i'll try my best. Another thing you can use to get the dead hair off the top of the kitty is a chamie, the things they sell in the car department to dry your car. It works like a charm.
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Great tips you guys

We have one of those red velvet lint brushes and it was a very wise investment. Our computer chair, which is black and NOT leather is a favorite hang out place for the kitties (even when I'm in it- they wrap themselves around my shoulders ) and you can imagine what tons of white kitty hair looks like stuck to the chair. The lint brush takes it off like a charm

One question Sandie- a dry chamie or a damp one?
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Hehe, still sleep deprived:sleep3: It's works really good dry, but you can wet it.
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Mike took me out to eat at a nice restaranut. The waitress was one of those matronly grandmother types, really friendly with lots of motherly advice. As my food arrived, she leaned over and plucked a cat hair off my shoulder and said "Now dearie, you wouldn't want that to get in your food now would you?" LOL I don't know if I could eat something that didn't have cat hair in it somewhere!
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Spraying Static Guard on your clothes and beding and then giving them a good shake helps, too. I've been using this for years. Spraying it on the furniture, before vacuuming is good, too. Opie is a shorthair but, he's walking around in a cloud of hair, these days. I use a slicker brush on him, several times a day.
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Cat hair is a condiment in my house
That's a great idea with the furniture, I think I am going to try that today. I have used static guard when I comb my long hair cats. I spray it on the comb before I run it through them. It works really well and I checked with the vet before I did it
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