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A good mistake on our electric bill!!

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Our house is wired for electric heat however he mainly use our woodstove and on sunny days, passive solar heating. When we got our bill for mid nov through mid dec it was $184!!! That has been the highest EVER!!!! Even though this billing cycle has been warmer with holiday guests and stuff I wasn't lloking forward to opening the bill we got yesterday. It was..............$18.38!!!!!
REALLY you could have knocked me over with a feather. They took readings in Dec and Jan so evidently they made a mistake. Know I don't feel so bad adding more plant lights in the basement.
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he-he I had that happen last year! I think it was March, which for some reason is one of my highest months but it was the highest bill I had recieved in almost 5 years of living there, but then the next months bill dropped through the floor, I could only assume the same thing as you-they had misread it the previous month
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That must have been a very nice surprize...especially right after Christmas when we all need a break anyways!
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WOW!! I wish mine was that low! Good for you though - how wonderful!!

I just got our bill yesterday and it was $140! OUCH!
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Yikes! We have propane, and I first had it filled in October. We just got it filled again (3rd time) and so far it has cost about 800$. We also use this for cooking. We have backup electric- we use it once in a great while, but we also have our appliances too- boy do I like my dishwasher. Electric has run between 100 to 140 since July when we bought the house. DH replaced most of our bulbs with the energy ones.
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when I livd in Bartow (the sticks lol) it was nothing for my electric bill to be OVER $250 a month! Not a very well insulated house. The central heat and air would stay running. Glad my electirc is in my rent now!
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I am glad your is low! ours was 168! I was so mad when i got the bill. i dont think they read it right, or even at all! We turned the heat off and it has been in the high 60's low 70's here! I am calling wheni get home from work after i check for footprints! good thing there is no grass there only mud, since it had been raining so bad lately!
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I'm so glad heating is included in our rent. The price of heating oil has skyrocketed in the last couple of years. We have a friend who lives in an old farmhouse. Their heating bill for the first three months of winter was $1200. Since then, they have invested big time in insulation!
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