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Felt so sorry for Prince Charles

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Couldn't sleep last night and watched some coverage of the Queen Mother's funeral. Charles, who is normally so stoic was in tears. Made me feel bad for him. A great loss for England indeed, this genteel Queen Mother.
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I didn't see that particular show, but have seen several newscasts. Wouldn't it have been interesting to sit down and have a conversation with her? She seemed like a wonderful person and she had seen so much in her lifetime.
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Me too. Last Monday, Mexico also lost a great person. A mexican actress named Maria Felix. She was 88 years old. She is referred to as the Mexican Marylin Monroe.

Félix, MarÃ:censor:a (1911 or '14?--): One of the great personalities of Mexican cinema, MarÃ:censor:a de los Angeles Félix was born in Sonora, one of 16 children (12 surviving infancy). The family later moved to Guadalajara; while they were living there, MarÃ:censor:a met and married Enrique Alvarez, at the time a traveling salesman for Max Factor cosmetics. Félix and Alvarez had a son, future actor Enrique Alvarez Félix, but the marriage soon broke up. Félix traveled to Mexico City, where she was "discovered" by Fernando Palacios. She made her film debut opposite Jorge Negrete in 1941's El peñon de las ánimas. Over the next 29 years, Félix was one of the top stars of Mexican cinema. After she starred in the title role of Doña Bárbara (1943), Félix was nicknamed "La Doña," a sobriquet she carries to this day. She took home three Best Actress Arieles--for Enamorada (1947), RÃ:censor:o Escondido (1949), Doña Diabla (1951)--and was nominated for El monje blanco (1946) and Camelia (1955). Félix also made a fair number of films in Europe during the late 1940s and 1950s. Her last film was La generala (1970), after which she retired from the screen, although she remains a conspicuous public figure, spending most of her time in Paris. In addition to Enrique Alvarez, MarÃ:censor:a Félix's husbands included composer AgustÃ:censor:n Lara and actor Jorge Negrete.

She was a beautiful woman who at 88 years old didn't look her age. She will be forever missed! Couldn't find a current picture of her but here is one.
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My parents were from the U.K., also my brother and sister, so my relatives are still there. I guess that makes me feel closer to the motherland. I saw much of the procession and all of the church service. I remember when the Queen Mother was the queen and Elizabeth was one of her daughters. She was such a lady, a brave, inspiring lady. I was crying too, so I did not see Prince Charles. You know, someone said Princess Diana brought good looks back to the royal family, and she was a lovely looking woman, but did you see the pictures of the Queen Mother when she was a child? She was an absolute beauty! I always thought of her as matronly looking, but then, isn't that how we perceive Queen Elizabeth today? Her sister Margaret was very pretty, and Elizabeth was also attractive. The Queen Mother and Princess Diana had "movie star" looks, however, and more importantly, good hearts. God bless the people of the U.K.
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