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hello again

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just wanted to say hey, and sorry i havent been around lately. i've been really sick, strep throat, head cold, and a chest infection. doesnt really help my fibromyalgia. anyway, Anne, i wanted to say again, i am sorry about your miscarriage, and you've been in my thoughts. i havent been able to keep up with all these threads, but, you've been in my heart. and Debby, i did read your message (quite awhile ago now) on your struggle with depression, and you have also been close to my heart, and in my thoughts, you are one of the sweetest women i have met, i hope to continue talking with you, and everyone here. unfortunately i'm just not entirely up to it right now.

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and hello to all the new folks
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Kate I hope you start feeling better soon. We all miss your posts, but your health and well being are more important! When you feel up to it again, please pop in and say hi!!
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Hi Kate!

Glad to see you again!

I hope you get better real soon and back to being here everyday! Thank you for your kind words and thoughts - I really do appreciate it!
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Blue we have missed you!!!!!! I am sorry about the strep throat, I too get that about once every year and it stinks!!!! I have a cold right now. (yuk) I hope you will be feeling much better soon!!
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that MeowMan, Hissy, & Catarina77777 all made adult cat before me

-- or maybe i just needed an excuse to use those smileys

we'll just see who makes Senior Cat first! just wait!

i am feeling a lot better now, thanks to all who asked, my strep throat has healed for the most part, my head cold is gone, leaving only a red nose in its wake and my back is feeling fine!

i'm moving into a new place that actually allows cats!! on the first of April, and i have a lot of packing & cleaning to do but i will promise not to leave for long periods of time again, i missed you crazy cat people too much

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We missed you too! And oh by the way....thanks for the compliment, of saying I was one of the sweetest people you have ever met!!! How nice! But I am sure there are people who know me who would beg to differ...LOL
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oh, Debby, you are! your presence just warms my heart.
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