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Ok - here's a new one......

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Has anyone had this problem???
I posted this little blurb in another area as part of a thread on most destructive thing your cat has done, but this isn't really distructive.....
My little tabby brings me laundry. Clean laundry, every day, all kinds......
Normally it's very cute. She brings socks, underwear, shirts and pants to both my daughters and me too. She was the runt of the litter weighing in at 1.1lbs at 8weeks old and is still very very tiny and to see a little thing like that drag a pair of adult jeans around is rather amusing. Most of the time we don't catch her though, we just come home to it, or wake up to it. Problem is she gets them not only from my basket (which I could try to hide), but also off the line! That I've seen her do. She jumps from the floor to grab them in her mouth. Thing is - the laundry is downstairs and my clean clothes get dragged across the concrete floor and up a flight of stairs. This morning I woke up to find socks outside my daughters bedroom, a shirt outside mine, underwear on the steps, and 2 pairs of pants and 2 more shirts scattered around the cellar.
As I said - for the most part - it's cute. An occasional pair of socks or underwear here and there I don't mind, but this morning was a little much. Maybe she's trying to tell me I need to pick up the pace a little on my laundry...haha.
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i'm sorry but that image is just too funny.
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Seriously, that is the cutest thing I've ever heard!
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My old cat used to steal our socks and carry them around in her mouth too. She would cry really loud (while still holding them) and look for was quite interesting to say the least. She never carried our pants and underwear around though! lol
I was once told that behaviour is similar to when an outdoor/indoor cat brings home dead mice and birds....kind of like an offering. I don't know how much truth (if any) that holds though. I'm going to ask at work about that one...

Tori also used to take our socks...but she just liked playing around with them. She doesn't really do it anymore though...I guess she got bored?
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Perhaps put the laundry in a bin with a lid so she can't get to it? the inside laundry anyway.
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Socks and a pair of underwear for my daughter (who by the way is Peanuts meowmy) delivered right to her door. I had each of my daughters choose a kitten to care for and raise as their mommy and Peanut is my 12 year olds baby girl and she gets the most laundry. So maybe what you're saying is right. Maybe it's her way of bringing a "present" to her mommy. (Thank god she's not an outdoor cat! Just thinking if all those pairs of socks, shirts, etc were birds, mice.....Yuk!
What really freaks me out is most of the time it's the right clothing - i.e. her underwear, her socks...I'm pretty sure that's just coincidence, unless she can still smell her moms scent on the clothes after I've washed them. She definitely has a sickening attachment to her mommy. I'm jealous.
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Awwwww Thats hilarious!.

And Ames your kitty looks so sweet lying like that
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Thats a riot!!!
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That's so cute!

Seth steals our socks and our underwear and drags them into her den (under the futon in the living room). I no longer suspect that the washing machine is eating them!
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Ames, your little Aubrie's picture is precious -- and she's posing exactly the way my Pearl does. I call her my Flatcat when she sprawls like that. :-)

Someone told me it could mean she's part Turkish Van...?
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Originally Posted by lisasha3
most of the time it's the right clothing - i.e. her underwear, her socks...I'm pretty sure that's just coincidence, unless she can still smell her moms scent on the clothes after I've washed them.
Yes, unlike humans, animals can smell the scent of the wearer even after the clothes have been washed.
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Oh that's so cute
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Haha Too funny good to know that other cats do that. Mine only steals socks, baby socks to be specific...I only know when shes got one because its the only time she howls. Other than that I can never find them....she must have a pretty good stash by now. Two weeks ago I got 12 new pairs for my daughter and laundry day yesterday left me with 4 pairs. I've finally given up and just keep buying more socks LOL
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