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Strange back pain.

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I've never had back problems before, but for some reason this week I'm having some back pain, but along with that if I bend a certain way I get this strange feeling kind of like a mild shock down my tush & sometimes into the back of my legs. I'm really hoping it isn't serious, but I have this feeling I've done something to a disc & it may be pressing on a nerve.
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I am no doc but it sounds like a pinched nerve. use a heating pad and make an appt for a visit to the doc asap.
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Sounds like the sciatic (sp?) nerve. Rest, and the doctor will probably give you some antiinflammatories.
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I've had back pain for years and that is one of the problems I get from time to time..as Kiwideus said it's probably siatica..which is a huge nerve that runs from your lower back to your foot. You may have overstrand your back and might need anti inflammatories or muscle relaxers from your doc..but I would go for sure to have it checked out.
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I agree that sounds like the siatic nerve too. Usually its nothing serious but have it checked out by the doc (you could check webmd too for tips)
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Sounds like sciatica to me, also.
Get thee to a doctor, and, until then, take a nice long hot bath if you can, and try to rest!
Also, a good way to stretch out your lower back is to lie on your back on your bed, put your legs out, put your knees up, and then, using your hands on your knees, try to gently pull them to your chest.
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Yes, it does sound like the sciatica. If you haven't taken up yoga, easy gentle stretching, then deep stretching and yoga, Rang, I highly recommend it. I had similar pain and when I finally got myself to a chriopractor for exrays and a full exam, he found my pelvis was out of alignment a significant degree so as to press on a nerve and cause horrible hip and thigh pains. So I'm seeing somebody 2x/week as well as yoga every day. I hope you feel better soon!!!!!!!!
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If it runs down to your foot, it is probably sciatica, if it goes only as far as the knee it may be Piriformis Syndrome. (false sciatica) The piriformis is the deepest of the 4 glute (butt) muscles, and is prone to contracting, causing pain. It is a huge muscle compared to most of the muscles in the body, and can cause pain from the neck to the knees if it is contracting. It can often be worked out with massage, or as someone else posted, stretches or yoga. If you have someone that you are close enough to have them do this, have them take the heel of their hand and compress the butt from the sacrum, (the big bone at the base of your spine) out to the hip joint. Not too hard, but hard enough for you to feel pressure. Do the same compressions all over the whole butt area. If you can get that muscle loosened, even a little, it can give you some releif. Good old fashioned Epsom Salt soaks can be helpful, too. Feel Better!
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When I thought about it last night, it's not so much like an electrical shock as it is a mild tingle. I have paint in my sciatic nereve every month when I retain enough water to sink a small boat. However, now I'm wondering if that's sciatica or just a muscle thing. I dont' know, but I really don't want to go to the Dr. I'm naughty & don't go to the dr. unless absolutely necessary.
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My fiance had a lot of problem with his sciatic nerve. Its shooting pain that makes walking very painful. He went to the doctor who gave him pain medication. He went to the chiropractor who then fixed it.
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