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Are oranges bad for cats?

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This may sound like a strange question, but let me explain. This morning I had to come to work early (by 6:30 AM) so I packed my food for the day (breakfast, lunch & snacks) & set it by the door like I always do, only since I was still half asleep when I left I forgot to grab it as I walked out the door. So now I'm a little concerned. I figure they won't bother with the frozen meal. The yogurt, fruit loops, & pretzles at worst will make them throw up or get dirarreah, but I'm wondering about the orange? My guess is they will leave it alone, but I have strange cats I'm just wondering if it would hurt them? I can't go home because I'm skipping my lunch break to be able to leave at 2:30 PM for a 3 PM class. Here's to hopeing I don't come home to a huge mess.
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Without checking a dangerous food list, my best guess would be that it would just make them sick like the other foods if they over enduldged. Cats don't like the smell of citrus anyway, so they probably won't touch it, and I would bet they are more interested in what else was in the bag!
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My kitten actually likes lemons... lemonade, lemon sherbert, anything. Is that super weird? I doubt an orange could hurt them. It seems like a lot of trouble to get through the skin!
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I don't see how they would be - I don't know, though. But I doubt they'll have any interest in the orange, especially since they really won't be able to peel it. At the most, I suspect, they'll just knock the bag onto the floor and paw at the orange. I wouldn't worry too much if I were you. I think they'll be fine!
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What was the end result?
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Well when I got home, all I found was that they had pulled the bag of fruit loops out & tore a hole in the end. There were a fair amount on the floor right around the bad, but I don't think they ate very many. Maggie actually walked over to one & tried to bury it so I don't think she like them very much. I was actually supprised she didn't go for the pretzles, she loves them
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