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How often do cats poop?

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I am concerned about my cat as I noticed he hasn't pooped since last night. It's now noon the next day and when I changed his litter box, there was only pee. He is eating, drinking and playing, so he seems fine. Should I be concerned, or is this normal?
Thanks in advance
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Prego and Polly both poop once a day.
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Sleeves and Nismo both poop up to 3 times a day. I do remember when Sleeves was a young baby a few times noticing he hadn't pooped overnight and then for quite a bit of the day and then he'd go as normal.
I only get worried if theres crying before pooping.
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It's very good that you have been paying attention to how often your kitty has a BM that can be a sign that something is wrong. Reilly has a poo once or twice a day. Of course like any other creature sometimes their tummies can be a bit off and they can get constipated. I would be concerned if you notice it's 2 days with no pooping or was said earlier the kitty is straining to poop. Sometimes hairballs can cause constipation too.
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All three of my cats also only poop once per day. I would agree with Miss Mew, if there are no poops in two days, I would be concerned.
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Dexter & Sadie....once a day.
I would be interested to know about other kitties and when we should become concerned.
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When I first brought Layla home, she pooped 3 times a day, now she poops about 1-2 times
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chloe poops several times a day, but they are small poops. she likes to eat, go make room for more and eat again lol. i asked the vet and he said as long as her poops were normal and she was eating good, not to worry. she just likes to poop ^-^
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