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Food Poisoning

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I went to THE most expensive restaurant in Raleigh, NC on business last night (too pricey for me to have been paying for it!!). And I got food poisoning. Its probably the last place I would have expected to have had this happen. I ate a lobster bisque, Mahi Mahi, and a chocolate souffle and have no idea which of those things caused it but I know the souffle never sat right (thought I was just full) but don't know if that has anything that could make you sick..

Anyway I was late to work this morning because I still wasn't feeling well. I made it to work now but I feel dizzy. I just feel really weird and needed to tell the world :P .
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What are you doing at work my dear!! you should be at home in bed!!. I hope you feel better bet is on the lobster for what made you sick.
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I agree - you should go home and hit the couch for some R & R
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Three courses of the richest foods on the menu...hehe...well worth the tummy ache afterwards!

I'm hungry now...
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I actually felt bad (haha I mean that I was staying home) and decided to come in. You see we had this professor from Carnegie Melon here that gave a talk last night and we had gone out to dinner with him...then he was supposed to talk with us this morning and thats what I felt bad about missing. So I thought after a while I might try to go before he left to go back home but I saw him leaving right as I got here. Now I want to wait for my boss to come back to touch base with him before I go back home. I do think I'll be going home early... Oh boy... I don't feel like I"m going to throw up anymore but I feel really wierd in my head.
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I had FP once in college. Bad cheeseburger. REALLY bad cheeseburger. I'll spare the details of the mess I made and the cleanup afterward.

if you aren't already, drink LOTS of water and juice. Even if you hate the stuff, drink some V8. But at least lots of water. if the water tastes odd to you becuase of the stomach upset, get a cucumber, cut the 'skin' off and slice it. Dump a few of those in your water glass... after they're in there a while, they flavor the water ever so slightly. I did that when I was sick with a sinus infection. I was guzzling the water at a very rapid pace. i got the cucumber idea from a local brunch restaurant. Even if you are waiting for take-out, they give you a glass of cucumber-flavored water. YUM!

Water and juice. it'll help flush the system.

Amanda (shuddering at the memory of my FP... ick!)
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Ok I came home. My manager was taking to long and I was progressively feeling worse.
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It is such a horrid feeling to have FP. It could have been any of the things you ate - but most likely the lobster soup )shellfish can be very dodgy if not absolutely fresh or the mousse as it probably contained raw beaten egg white. I hope you feel better soon!
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I hope you feel better. i got food poisoning last friday. bad mexican food from a restaurant we go to once a week! Ugh! it was so bad! i thought i wouldnt make it to the bathroom in time. *eeewww* I agree with tons of water. help your body flush out the bacteria. it worked for me!
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I'm sorry... FP is no fun. I hope you feel better soon!
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Hope you feel better soon, but are you really sure it's food poisoning??????? I'm just guessing, but if you feel weird in your head maybe it's a virus?

A couple of easy ways to find out if it's food poisoning:
(a) ask if anyone else in your group became ill after eating
(b) call your local health department and ask if anyone else who ate at that restaurant last night has complained about being ill.
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You did the right thing going home, if you stay you run the risk of passing it on if it's maybe not food poisoning and also it will take you longer to recover. Get well soon vibes for you
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Thanks guys! I'm feeling a lot better tonight but need to get to bed. My stomach is still minorly queezy but the funky feeling in my head went away and all around feeling better.
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Eeew food poisoning is horrible Burnt toast and lots of fluids. Toast to mop up free radicals (I love that phrase) and the fluids to flush the system. If nothing else it will give you something in your stomach to throw up at least. Hope you'll be feeling better really soon
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I got food poisonig from a piece of pecan pie, once. It was at least five years, before I could even LOOK at pecan pie - much less eat it.
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Feel better soon!
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