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accidental partial spay

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Has anyone ever heard of a cat being spayed but the vets leaving in a piece of ovary? Is this common? I just have to have my cat "re-spayed" because when they did it the first time (before I adopted her), they left a piece of ovary in and she went into heat.
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Sometimes (though not very often) a piece of ovary can be left in. Even a good surgeon can make a mistake. When the doctor ties off the pedicle (the arteries and veins that feed the ovary) they try to tie it as close to the body wall as they can to ensure all of the ovarian tissue is taken out. Sometimes if there is a lot of fat encasing the ovary, or if the ovary is cystic this can be harder meaning there is more chance that a few small pieces of ovary will be left behind. It really only takes just a few cells being left behind to make enough hormone for you to see signs of heat.

Sometimes females will have a small piece of ectopic ovarian tissue. That means there is ovarian tissue growing somewhere else in the body. Of course when a cat comes in for a spay the vet doesn't think to look elsewhere so it gets left in.

Usually our vets request that you bring you cat in while it is showing signs of heat so that the tissue is active and easier to find.
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Yes, my vet wanted me to bring her in right after she started howling which I did and he removed the tissue or whatever it was. I just wanted to know if that happened a lot or if it was more rare. I don't know where she was spayed (private vet or shelter). I'm just very sad for her that she has to go through it twice. She's very uncomfortable.
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Happened one time to a stray I had done. I didn't use my regular vet, but for the second "try" I did.
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My son adopted a female kitty who had been spayed and this happened.
He took her to his vet & had it repaired...then she was fine.
Poor kitties.
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So did they charge you for the extra operation?
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It's been a few years but if I remember correctly...my son had to pay to have it repaired because he took her to his own vet instead of the vet who spayed her originally.
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