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HELP Owned Cat Unfixed chasing Grey, what to do?

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Well, here's the sich:

Grey the feral now is no longer coming in the yard
regularly because a local lady 2 or 3 townhomes
away has an UNFIXED tom roaming!!

This young tom is now "feral" to her - she claims
he won't come to her when she calls etc. etc.
Goes days without seeing him and cant' catch
when she does see him. (Yeah right, he's going
in the house SOMETIMES - right?)

I am upset because besides Grey, this cat
has attacked other cats in the hood and is
spraying something fierce in my yard
as well as other cat and non cat owners
(Someone thought he was mine, and accused
me of it - GODS I set them straight in a hurry!!)...

He's also intimidating my Lexi, and I'm afraid will
one day attack her!!

So, how to approach this lady tactfully and
get her to fix her animal? One part of me
wants to simply trap in my yard - take to vet,
fix and release. I figure she'll never miss him,
if he isn't coming when called. OTH, I could
get in trouble if a) she found out and b) something
happened to the cat at the vets...

I do have a free coupon for neutering I was going to
use on Grey, but I am figuring that I should do this
guy first, since he is keeping me from Getting Grey
trapped!! So, I figured I could offer to trap in my
yard, and transport and have him fixed - no cost
to her.

Her other 2 male cats are fixed, so I can't figure
why she's never done this guy... Some people
are SOOO weird. The other kitties must have
come already fixed.

If fixed he should a) quit spraying horrid pee in my yard
(unfixed toms stink!) and b) be less aggressive and c)
maybe even be more friendly to his Mom.

So, which course of action should I take, and how to
begin this conversation? A note?? (since she's never
home?) Drop by and knock on door? Would it be
better to turn it over to animal control, since this
cat is a nuisance? (I mean the spraying is foul,
and he's intimdating and attacking all the other
cats that go outside.. so its not just me complaining

I should mention her other cat Sam is always hanging round
my yard/door/patio wanting in, and has started using Grey's
feral shelters. Appears this lady doesn't call her cats in
at night... I've seen poor old guy out in pretty bad weather...
Sam is one of the nicest friendliest and loving cats I've ever
met. He loves to be held like a baby and purrs up a storm. He's
not overly aggressive with other cats either...

And the younger cat Jessie is very skittish and hardly
ever goes out...

So its just this guy that's an issue...

Help, advice??
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I'd take him and get him fixed. If she makes a fuss, just tell her that since she lets him run around loose she obviously doesn't care enough about him to see that he's safe. At least if he's fixed he may calm down and stop messing with your cats.
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I would simply go over and explain that you have this free neuter coupon and you are willing to trap her cat and get him fixed at no charge to her. I would also provide her with information regarding the benefits of him being neutered.

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i would take him if she ever finds out you could say you have a wee girl now and dont want her getting caught by him ? or just take him i think if i could catch him i would then maybe grey will get back to comming round again he was getting there with you , i missed your threads and was wondering what happened to him cheers cheryl xx
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Will you be able to get another neuter certificate for Grey? I think they really both need to be done, for Grey's safety. After all, the neuter will make him fight and roam less, and he will be up to date on shots, too.

If you can't talk face to face, definitely leave a letter for the neighbor letting her know you will be trapping in the next few days. Personally, if you have to choose one to neuter, I think Grey's health has to come first, since he is your responsibility. Maybe you can get two traps, so you can trap both cats?
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Taking him and getting him fixed sounds like a good idea.
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Thanks All! Yeah, I can get another certificate to neuter. My
mentor is former member LC Humane Society chapter... she
knows the ropes. She says do the owned one first, cause
he's frightening off Grey. Then work on getting Grey.

Both WILL be done! Please a prayer and good vibes
for my "talk" with the neighbor... I'd prefer to do in person.
Its much less intimidating and more likely to get cooperation.
(I think).

Am simply telling her that others have complained about
her cat spraying and fighting to me thinking it was
my cat, that I am concerned
for the cat, that I will be trapping, and
that if I catch him, I can have him done for free and return
him to her - no charge.

Then I'm going ahead. If I catch him in my yard, the
law is clear on this - I can turn him over to the shelter.
He carries no id, is not neutered and is a "nuisance".
(In more ways than one!!)

She would never get her
cat back before it was PTS.

And if I don't do the trap release on him,
what's to stop one of the other irate neighbors to
do the turn over to shelter part?? So, seems
a clear cut case.

But you know there are some nut jobbies out
there who just refuse to fix their cats for
NO good reason GRRRRRRR.

So fingers crossed and wish me luck
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I hope this works out for you and both cats. That neighbor is plainly irresponsible. You're doing her a favor by having her cat fixed!
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