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New male kitten

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We have 3 cats at present 2 female, 1 male. Our male is a 14 month old persian. We're planning to adopt another 4 month old persian male. Our male is used to the females, and plays with them but since he is a bit of a bully I'm not sure how he'll take to a male. What precautions should be taken - I know he's not going to be welcomed with open arms, but is there a way on how they can be introduced to each other? I hope everything goes smoothly!!
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In my experience the males (IF they are all neutered) get along better with each other then some of the females (spayed or not).

If you resident male is neutered, you shouldn't have any problems other then the initial intro of hissing, etc. with the new 4 month old male. But as that 4 month old male matures, he could try for top spot - be sure he's neutered ASAP and you'll have little problems with everyone.

A good tip for intro is to put a little cornstarch powder on each of the cats so they all smell the same - rub it into their fur.
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I always use Feliway spray for cat-to-cat introductions...they make a diffuser as well. Also, gradual introductions usually build better relationships than sudden ones You can keep the new kitty confined to one room of the house for a time while he gets used to the new sights, sounds, and smells. Once he seems comfortable in this room (supplied with food, water & a litter box, of course) you can try to gradually introduce him to the resident cats. Often putting the new guy in a carrier the he can see out of (i.e. with a grated metal door) & allowing the resident cats to approach while you supervise is a good way to start. If you do decide to confine the newcomer for a time, try not to choose a room that the resident cats particularly fancy...it may upset them to lose a special area, even for a time. Good luck with your new addition!

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