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My cat brings me worm presents!

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Hi everyone,

Here's one for you...

I have two rescue cats, a mother (Fearne) and son (Louis). She's 17 months and he's 6 months old.

I'm trying to get Louis out of the habit of putting his paws in my mouth at 5am when I'm asleep, but Fearne has developed a habit in the last week that's spiralling out of control. It started when she brought an earthworm into the house. Sure, most cats like birds and mice, so I'm grateful it's not that, but a defenceless earthworm stands no chance. She's now bringing me up to 10 a DAY and leaves them on the carpet to dry out.

How can I train her when I'm often in another room or asleep when she does it???

Any help would be appreciated or should I just open a worm farm business and employ my cat?

ps. Both cats have been fine for the 2 months I've had them; they started going outside at Christmas.

Thank you.

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Thats the downside of cats being outdoors i'm afraid, and i noticed just this morning that theres a lot of worms about

Unlike dogs cats can't really be trained, especially for something such as bringing in worms etc...

I get the odd slug through when it's damp outside, but thankfully mine just look at them

Has Fearne and Louis been spayed and neutered yet Karl?!
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to TCS, Karl. I have to laugh about the worms. She must figure that you can't manage to eat something furry. Probably it's best to just remove the "evidence" and hope she gets bored with that.
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Mine do it all the time. I usually find another unfortunate victim on the kitchen floor. The worms are trying to get out of the rain and crawling into the cat enclosure, so there you go- they would be safer in the rain-
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