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Must Vent....

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alright I need to vent. I am pretty darn upset right now. Steve and I are set to be married in may. I call him Hubby already cause. well frankly A) its eaiser than fiance and B) in my mind he is lol

I contacted a dress gal online who had the dress i had been looking for. it was perfect for me and not a bad price. it stated on her website to please allow 12 week for delivery. Alright, fair and fine. I talked with my seamstress who will make any adjustments, and she said for me to have it for my wedding she neededed to have it Jan 5th. she is very busy, but shes THE BEST rennisance dress maker i know. And this i a rennisance wedding dress so I want her to do the alterations.

So, I contact the gal let her know my messurements and also let her know it will be a few weeks til i have full payment. shes fine with that says just let her know.

Payment was sent i calculated, and Jan 5th the due date..was 14 weeks. so I had 2 extra weeks in there to account for the holidays. No problem right? Wrong.

Dec 18th i emailed the gal asking for an updateon when the prospective ship date was, I was a bit worried. and just wanted to know if there was an Idea...

I was told. JANUARY 4TH!!!!!! I coulda flipped a lid! But..I sucked back my bridezilla wants..contacted my seamstress and was granted an exention. bless her heart. she is busy busy busy for the coming season. But she said if she could have the dress by Jan 16th..she could still get it done for me. Nevermind that the 16th puts us at what? almost 16 weeks. i say..alright..let the gal know..she says she has never had a problem with this designer before but it will go out on Jan 4th..

Jan 10th..nothing. So i contact, I am offered a refund, and "if the dress shows up you can resend the money" well i cant wait on if the dress shows up. Its to late now to go shop for another dress..and get it to my seamtress..not to mention THIS IS THE PERFECT DRESS this is THE ONE I WANT. So i politely decline. But state. I NEED TO HAVE IT by the 16th..ok...will get back to me..

Its now the 19th..and several unresponded emails later...I have no seamstress, no dress and no answer..and i really dont know what to do about it. I am so..upset its not even funny. and its really hard NOT TO BE bridezilla!
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You poor thing!!! It drives me crazy when web sites do that sort of thing. I hope you get your dress soon. I've had similar things happen with Christmas presents. I really wish that these web sites provided better customer service by emailing you with updates. '

Good Luck!
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maybe that same dress is somewhere else... or... maybe not?
good luck
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I am so sorry this is happening with your dress. I hope something can be worked out
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Oh no, I am SO sorry that this is happening to you. Believe me, I would be bridezilla by now for sure!!

I really hope that something works out for you!!
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You have every right to go completley Bridezilla over this one!! I would be furious

I hope everything works out well in the end...did you get a written contract with the dressmaker?
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Oooo... I would be LIVID!
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Thanks guys. Yes we have a written contract. So..I have now emailed calling that into play. a friend of mine is a lawyer...(family law but she doesnt need to know that) and hes writting up a proffesional letter. I am not trying to be mean..but when someone doesnt even reply to me...thats just rude.
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If she messed up why can't she confess this to you????
I would be a bridezilla too as when I was married I had some unexpected things happen on the day of the wedding-the show must go on however!!
I work it works out for you!!
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Originally Posted by GailC
If she messed up why can't she confess this to you????
I would be a bridezilla too as when I was married I had some unexpected things happen on the day of the wedding-the show must go on however!!
I work it works out for you!!

Thats what i wonder to if she messed up fine.but tell me..dont keep..on about it being the designers fault...Ugh...Bridezilla is coming out..hope i dont end up on the show LOL
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Did you send a check or was the payment thru PayPal?? PayPal has a complaint department that can assist you.
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It was through Pay Pal Via CC its been longer than 45 pal will no longer handle it
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