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Really Sharp Claws

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My Kitten has really sharp claws. It's bad enough that when he scratches me, he cuts me bad in spots. I don't want to get him declawed but if he keeps up with it, then I will have to declaw it. he scratches on the furniture a lot lately, can't get it to use new scratching post. What can I do?
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First of all, please do not declaw him. All cats scratch, they do this to put their scent on you not to hurt you. I would start clipping his claws. If you don't know how to do that a vet, or a professional groomer can show you how. There is also soft paws.

Scratching posts have to be tall, they have to be broad, and they have to be sturdy. If they aren't, the cat probably won't use them. The cat uses your furniture because it is basically unmovable. They use scratching as a way to stretch their back, and face it furniture just doesn't move.
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First of all, don't declaw him. Check out I use them on my kitten & let me tell you, they are great. Second of all, do you clip his claws? If you do a search for claw clipping I am sure there is tons of info on it! Really, invest in Soft Paws. Declawing isn't very nice & can affect the cats personality. Soft Paws aren't long term & they eally do work! Good Luck!

*edited to add: hissy & I posted at the same time, sorry!*
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I just started clipping my cats claws. I searched this site for some tips and I was totally shocked how easy it was! I think it helped that my girls are used to me playing with thier paws when they are sleepy and making thier claws stick out.
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I also use "soft paws" on my kitty. He's got some raptor claws without these soft paws. I LOVE them! We actually put them on him because we were getting a new kitty, and didnt want any fighting that would happen to be as brutal as it would be with his claws.

But I've reapplied them because I love them so much. It's saved our rug! lol. And part of the couch. He's still able to paw at things, and catch them. He hasnt bit at them, and they are just good. lol
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Originally Posted by pcdoctor
he scratches on the furniture a lot lately, can't get it to use new scratching post. What can I do?
in agreement with opposition to declawing: declawing fans make it sound so benign but its the removal of the first joint of each toe. That would be considered torture of done to a human. There are very safe alternatives to declawing:

softpaws as mentioned: these are padded covers that you glue on each claw. they come in different sizes and colors.

clipping: if you start handling your kitten's feet while they are relaxing, pushing on the pads softly you can get each claw to pop out. when they are comfy with that you can clip just the very tip off of each claw (five claws in front and four in back) and they are unmutilated and still able to do what their bodies are meant to do. with kittens you have to redo this maybe every 7-10 days. I was wildly apprehensive the first time and now its as easy as clipping my own. my vet showed me how.

As for getting your cat to use scratching surfaces:
make sure you have secure horizontal and vertical surfaces. I used cheap sisal door mats from walmart as the horizontal and put one next to where she slept because cats like a good stretch after a nap. then when ever we played with feather or dangly things i did it on the sisal rug. the first time a cat naturally digs those blunted claws in the surface they fall in love with it because it grabs those claws so well. I put a sisal rug in each room she played. sometimes I even ran my own nails over the surface and made happy noises, so she would copy me. Then I stable gunned sisal rugs up along the surface of the back of a piece of furniture that was REALLY stable and hung dangles for her to bat. and left it in the middle of the room. within two days she was searching out her scratching surfaces and gave herself full long body stretches. a litltle over a month later I have a kitten who not only has dull but intact claws but who has not scratched a single curtain, pillow or piece of furniture anywhere in my home.

In short you need to put the time in to play w the kitty near the surfaces and make it fun and let her instinct to claws at rough surfaces do its thing, dont expect her just to discover it on her own. she is like a baby and needs modeling and enticement to do the right thing. and a treat doesn't hurt.

Sorry this so long but as a new cat owner I am discovering that like with a child ---a good amount of time put in during early development will really reap rewards in good behavior and a well socialized pet as they grow.
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Please try softpaws (soft claws in some places but same thing) they really do work. i swear by them. clip the claws too. just look for the light pink colored spot and make sure you dont cut that. if you start now then they wont mind later.

think of declawing this way, would you want someone to cut your fingers off to your first knuckle
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The softpaws web site has an article with instructions for trimming claws - click here
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Going to echo everyone else with the "declawing is bad!"

I clip the nails of my kitten. I go home two days out of the week, and i just trim her front paws (i don't even do the back- they're pretty blunt) when she's in my lap all cozy and drowsy. The best time to do it is when they're sleeping. If Pouncer isn't sleepy or sleeping, she kicks up a fuss about people trying to trim her claws. You need to handle the paws of your kitty a lot, just to get them used to someone playing or holding them. It makes clipping much easier.

It's VERY easy and doesn't take up more than five minute of your time. I recommend taking your kitty to the vet first, or groomer, so they can show you how to properly clip.

And of course, softpaws! I don't use it myself, but these wonderful people on the forum know much more about them than I do.
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I agree with the others. I have gotten some nasty claw marks, so until my order of soft paws comes in, I've been keeping Seth's toenails clipped once every 2-3 weeks.

Please don't declaw your little kitty
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I too must say Please Do not declaw your cat. Its a horrible inhuman thing to do. Clip the claws or use soft paws
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We clip Bijou and Mika's claws about every 10 days to 2 weeks. We started them as kittens and often just touch and caress their paws so they get used to having their paws touched. As another poster suggested, when they are sleeping or really relaxed is the best time. We usually just hold them with their back against our tummy while sitting in a chair and talk to them while we are clipping.

Once you do it a couple times, it becomes easier and takes no time at all.
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I find it very easy to clip Bears claws while hes asleep. I tried to do it while he was awake but, it did'nt work well at all.
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Thanks for the replies everyone. Whenever I get some more money, I will try to get these softpaws that you are talking about for my kitty. Hopefully it will make it to where he isn't cutting me a lot.
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