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cat sitter: entertainment or frustration?

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I've just bought Chanel the cat sitter video, which shows mice, birds, fish, etc. Anyway, when she watches it, i dont know whether she is entertained or frustrated....when its on she bats at the television, looks around the tv like she's trying to get in it, and meows like crazy. When we turn it off she still stares at the TV and meows like she's upset.... i feel bad for her, like she's confused or cant get what she wants. is this how she is supposed to react? I dont know if she likes it or if it drives her crazy!
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My aunt bought cat sitter for her kitty, Maple, and even though she's deaf and cant hear it, she goes WILD over the scenes! Runs behind the tv looking for where they went and pawing at the tv... so I guess it's normal - Oliver loves watching tv, and while I dont have this dvd, we watch Animal Planet often and if there's something on with mice or shrews squeeking and running on the screen, Ollie-man goes nuts trying to get it.... unless your kitty really starts to show signs of stress or something, I wouldnt worry too much, I mean Oliver has essentially an equivilant to that dvd just looking out my window!
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You would be better served to feed birds outside your window and let your cat have a perch there. That way they can see the bird actually fly away and watch it and be satisfied it is gone- and it just seems to be a better way to go. I have several of those videos and at first I liked them, but now, I am not so keen with them.
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I kinda think those videos are cruel because it leaves the cat frustrated. I used to have the "aquarium" screensaver on my computer but I felt bad watching them trying to "catch" the fish and other assorted creatures. I think Hissy's suggestion is a better way to entertain. Hang some stuffed birds (or other toys) in the window too for them to bat around. I hang them on elastic string.
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