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I recently adopted a cat from a shelter and this is the first time i have owned a cat. so i am not sure if it is normal for her to be sneezing and having hiccup symptoms. She has had the hiccups for 2days she is not making any nose like a hiccup but the movement is there. she has a vet appointment in 3 days but should i take her sooner or is this normal in cats. please help
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Dosen't sound like an emergency to me. If she is sneezing it's probably an Upper Respiratory Infection (URI) and the "hickup" movements could be the possible result of post nasal drip or maybe heven hairballs.

Bottom line you are doing the right thing to have her checked and of course if it gives you peace of mind bring her in as soon as you like.

Good luck and please keep us in the loop. Plenty of xoxoxoxo to you baby girl!!
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could be hairballs too
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I would take her in earlier if possible. Sounds like she has an upper respiratory infection and probably having a difficult time breathing and swallowing the stuff dripping down her throat, which is what you're describing as hiccup-like symptoms. Some other signs to look for are runny eyes and a runny nose, as well as lack of energy and lack of eating.

We just went through this with our new kitty that we adopted just after Thanksgiving. In the meantime, to help her out, keep her in a warm environment, but not too stuffy. Confine her to one room if at all possible, with her food, water, and litter box. Invest in a vaporizor and run it where she sleeps. This will help break up the gunk in her head/nose. If you can't get or don't have a vaporizor, run a really hot shower in your bathroom and take her in there several times a day to sit in the steam. (Don't put her in the shower or you'll have a different problem!) Make sure she's eating very well and drinking LOTS of water. If her little nose gets stopped up, she'll quit eating because she can't smell her food. That's not a good thing at all!

Just so you'll know, it's very common for kitties at shelters to have upper respiratory infections, so it's not anything you've done or not done to cause this. Also, the stress of the new environment and just the change of being in a couple of different places in a short period of time can aggravate the situation and cause a flare up of an URI.

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It could also be "reverse sneezes" which one of mine gets- its sounds like fast hiccups, lasts about 10 seconds and then he acts like normal! I did have a cat that really did get hiccups- it used to happen we he would lick water in the bathroom drain for awhile- we think he swallowed air or something. I thought i'd throw those experiences out there.. Definitely take kitty to the vet to be checked. It could be a URI like others mentioned.
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I would say, just to be safe & so that you can get her better sooner, that you should take her in earlier if you can. I hope your cat is ok!
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If she were my kitty, I would take her to my vet immediately.
You need to know why this is happening & get it treated if necessary.
Let us know what you find out.
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