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TGIF aka DT for Friday

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It's Friday!!!!

It is supposed to be a beautiful day and an even better weekend here. I don't have any big plans for the weekend, just enjoying my days off.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and a great weekend!!
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Warm, sunny and a little breezy, here. Easy day: couple loads of laundry and a library run. I'm on my four-day weekend, so I'm being lazy. Happy Friday, everyone!
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Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!!!!
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Ah yes, it's Friday. But it's just another day for one of us unemployed folks . Hmm...at least I can bug more of my friends now that the weekend is almost here .

On another note, my purrball is sitting beside me in a most unladylike fashion - ok, so he's a he . He's sitting back on his haunches, legs akimbo, reaching to clean his belly. One leg is straight up in the air against the back of the sofa. Oh, now he's going for the leg. I've seen cats bathe thousands of times yet it still amuses me.

Well, back to the job search. It's nice to check in with this site to break up that crappy task .

Happy Firday to all.
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Gloomy here but at least the rain has stopped. Hope it goes away so I can finally get the garden planted. Have so much to do to get it ready this year. My portable lawnmower is out in the backyard munching on grass, and the kitties are leaping in the air after those low-flying beetles that are zooming about. My backyard looks like a Beetle Airport! LOL Bailey brought one in this morning and deposited it on Mike's pillow, a little present that almost crawled into his ear! hee hee! Gotta love these feral kitties!
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My allergies are acting up so I've been taking zyrtec and nasal sprays to control it. It rained part of the week. They are finally finishing the Olympic cleanup. Nothing really special happening this weekend. Just cleaning the hosue and playing with the kids. Have a good weekend everyone!
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It' kinda gloomy here today. The Marines have been flying low around the perimeter of the base for several days. Oliver North was in town yesterday for a Korean War veteran remembrance. I wish I had known, I would have gone instead of watching it on tv. There were several Korean War era planes flying over. It was interesting to see the difference between those and the modern planes we see every day. There is something callled the "Sounds of Freedom" happening this weekend. I'm not sure what it is, but I might go anyway. It has been hard to get used to the sounds of Marines training. I lived here for 5 years and then I didn't think anything of things blowing up and low flying aircraft. There is a sign outside the New River Air Station that reads "Pardon our noise, it is the sound of freedom." I always liked that, but it seems to mean so much more now. It's good to back in my adopted home. OOPS! I'm rambling again!
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I have a question before you all go home for the weekend. Why do some people use all lower case letters and no punctuation in e-mails and posts? It's as confusing as all get out, but not worth a new thread. I have a niece who does this also and abbreviates everything when she sends an instant message. The problem is that her abbreviations are not the ones we all know. She makes them up, and hope people can translate them. AARGH!
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Happy Friday everyone!! :rainbow:

I'm not doing much today- its nice outside so I think I'll take the kiddos outside to blow bubbles. I'm trying to get the rest of my spring cleaning done, but its not going too well. I do a little, then sit down to see the new posts on here

I'm kind of excited about tomorrow night. I rarely go out to bars, I usually hang out at a friends house instead, but tomorrow a friend of mine is having his birthday party at the local watering hole. The plan is to go to my best friends house and have some drinks first - they charge an outrageous price for mixed drinks at the bars around here. It should be lots of fun

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
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My thoughts on the way E-correspondence is written: Electronic ways of communication lend themselves to informality and speed - hence the non-standard use of a language . How often do some of us just tap away at the keyboard trying to get an E-mail out quickly? And instant messages - watch out!

Also, maybe it's a generational thing. The younger you are, the more inclined you are to cut corners .

I admit that in chatting online w/friends (IMing or E-mailng), I mangle lots of rules. But, I draw the line at the point where it's really confusing for the reader. Well, except when I'm IMing and sometimes typos get the best of me.

As for work related E-mails, I don't care how well I know the recipient, if it's official business, it's an official kind of E-mail. I guess I'm just old fashioned .
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Quiet weekend for me.

I put my back out yesterday. Never did that before, but I've been in bed or on the sofa ever since. At least I can stand up and walk around now, last night I couldn't straighten up at all.

I have my daughter this weekend, too. I'm glad. I miss her terribly when she's not around. Hopefully we'll get to see some friends so she has something to do, even if I'm just sitting.

The window in the living room is very big and starts only about 8" from the floor, going almost to the ceiling. I've been leaving the bottoms open for the cats to have fresh air while the weather is still decent. Lately Blackie and Fred when he can sneak out have taken to sitting under the bushes in front of the window. It's really cute because they sit up and look inside every now and then, and when I say their names, they get down. It's like little kids, "Are you still there, mommy? You are, so back to playing." Plus it's nice to see them getting along!
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I can understand short cuts! You should see my notes from college. However, I was the only one who had to understand them. I am older than most of you, but went back to college after my kids were in school, so in that respect I am part of the electronics age. I don't mean errors. I mean run-on sentences with no periods, no commas, and no capital letters. (Only a few people do it on this site.) I remember writing sentences like that for my English students to try to decipher. It's the quickest way to explain the need for punctuation!
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I am so glad it's Friday. Although I got stuck being the one to go into work on Sunday and clean the cages. Blah!

There's nothing here to eat and I am thinking of ordering out but I can't make up my mind. Speaking of eating the cats must be hungry since Xavier is licking my arm. He must be tasting me.....

Anyway I hope every one has a great weekend. Take care!!
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It was raining this morning, but cleared in the afternoon. Now, the sun is shining(well, what's left of it, anyways)! I was, and still am, in a terrible mood! I woke up feeling depressed, and throughout the day, it turned to an angry mood. Now, my boyfriend is in the bedroom watching t.v. because he doesn't want to be around me while I'm in this fowl mood! Men...*sighs*. That time of the month though. That is probably the contributor!!
On a lighter note, I have started a regular excersise workout. I saw it in a magazine, and it looks like it would really work! So, because bikini-season is coming up, I thought I'd tone up a bit more, and flatten out that poochy stomach of mine!!
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