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Need advice

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Hi everyone;

I'm new here and very far away. I'm in South Africa. I'm battling with a decision and who like some input.

I have been feeding a feral/stray colony at my work for the last six months but I'm leaving and have organised someone to take over.

I have two neutered males of my own, brothers that I have had since kittens. They are 2 and half years old, very spoiled and strictly indoor cats. I live in a very small house right by a busy road and don't have cat friendly neighbours.

There is one cat in the colony, female has been spayed, she is about 6 months old. Was dumped there as a kitten. This cat is ultra affectionate towards me, to the point that she wants her love before her food and eats by me. She is very timid and never aggressive to any of the others, she always backs down first.

So the question is, she has stolen my heart. I want to adopt her, but I'm so confused if it's the best thing for her and for my boys. She will go from being an outdoor cat to an indoor cat. Can she adapt?? Will my boys who are the apple of our eye adapt? Also, what do I need to have her tested for before she is adopted. Is there anything that could be contagious to my boys? I'm not allowed to build any specific shelter for the ferals, do cats look for warmth somewhere on a winters night or do they just curl up more? Our winter is approaching, and although mild by your comparisons, it's killing me that this cat is out in the cold. Sorry this is long, needed to give you background. Thanks
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Welcome to the site.

There have been other discussions in the forums about introducing a new cat into a household. Check out this link:

If you do some keyword searching, you might find more information here.

One thing that comes to mind is that you would probably want to keep the new cat separate from the other cats until you are sure that the new cat is not ill with anything that could make your other cats sick. There are definitely viruses that can be transmitted from one cat to another. When you take the new girl to the vet for a check up, the vet can fill you in on the details and let you know of the tests, vaccinations and worming needed.

My cat was a stray, and he was over one year old when I found him. He has adjusted very well to an indoor life. He is very mellow but not timid. If the female cat is already timid, it's possible that she will hide out for several days when you first bring her in. Just be patient with the new cat, and hopefully everyone will get along .
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It is so good of you to take care of those cats! To arrange for someone else to take over is just wonderful. I think the the little female will be just fine. Like Vikki said, it will just take some patience, but it will be worth it. Please let us know how it works out. Best of luck to you. I hope the fact that you are leaving means you are going somewhere better!
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awwwww. what a big heart you have. i think deep down, you know she's coming inside!! i think means shes a female, it will be easier for your other babies to accept her. have lots of patience. it may or may not take them a while. welcome to the site!
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Congrats on your new kitty! You know you won't be able to stand it if you leave her there. poor baby was probably a sweet indoor cat and will make a great inside pet and new friend to your boys. It might take them a little time to get used to, but kitties like new friends too. My cats fight, but they also play, and my older cat was so lonely as an only cat. Just get her to a vet first and have her checked out for any diseases before you take her home. Good luck!!!
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I agree, I think you have already made up your mind to adopt. The fact that she's a girl and you have two boys is a big plus as to them getting along. I think its wonderful of you and that she will be better off inside, than surviving a cold winter the way you have described her. I think she will come to be very happy. Give it time, and please keep in touch to tell us how it goes.

Best of luck. Go for it.
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Thanks for all the replys.

Okay Wednesday is D-Day. I have arranged with the vet, I'm going to try to trap her in the morning and take her straight to the vet so he can pull some blood and do the required tests. She will stay there during the day, as he will know the results in the afternoon. If it's clear, she's coming home if not, I'll have the teary task of releasing her back into the colony on Wednesday night.

I got here this morning to find that she is covered in some sort of black ink...charming. As if the stress isn't enough we are going to have to have a bath if we come home. Goodness knows what happened, that stuff is obviously going to be ingested when they groom themselves, and it's only her and another cat that are covered in it.

Hold thumbs and paws for Wednesday !!!

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Good luck on Wednesday! You both will be in my thoughts. Positive thoughts going with you and Pikachu that all the tests come back clean!!
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