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Help!! Chewing Problem!

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I have a little "blessing" with a chewing problem. Diana is a 10 month old torti DLH. She loves to chew on shoestrings and is slowly moving to clothes. This is becoming a very expensive problem!

Can anyone offer assistance?
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My only suggestion is to give her something more fun to chew on (do they make kitty chew toys?) and use a feline repellent ( I think they sell such things) to discourage her from chewing on inappropriate things. Cats hate the smell of citrus, so a cat-safe citrus spray may work.
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I would look up Pica on Google and read up on it. Also recommended, standard blood work to find out if there is a problem somewhere health wise.
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Hello everyone! I just registered and I'm a little unsure of what I'm doing so bare with me! I just wanted to add a comment...I have a 10 month old kitten who's name is Jasmine. Unlike any other cat I've owned loves to chew! At first I didn't think of it as a huge problem until she chewed the knobs on the window seal (and we rent!) I had to get her to stop, she was chewing everything! One day I got to thinking and went to PetCo and bought a nyla bone! (in a very small size! ) My boyfriend screwed it into her kitty condo and now that's all she uses! She loves it! And everybody's happy! She also enjoys the cardboard tubing from paper towels...she can sink her teeth right in them! A quick question...how do you submit photos?
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I am so glad to see this post. I have the same chewing problem with my kitty who is 10 months old. She has destroyed many bath mats, my vanity stool, which is covered in a vinyl/plastic material, and anything else she can sink her teeth into. She has all the toys in the world and she and I share plenty of play time together.

I am going to try the nyla bone. Thanks for the suggestion.
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I bought a very cheap vintage mink hat on ebay and ripped it apart and make little mink rolls for her to chew. she adores then. Also the card board tubes from toilet paper rolls and if she/he is teething: heavy cotton cording knotted twice and frozen is a wonderful soother. when they thaw she bats then around like hockey pucks.
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First have her checked by a vet for any possible health problems. Sometimes "pica" which is a need to chew on non-ediable things might be a problem. I think it involves a deficiency of some kind.

If she's ok there, then get a bottle of Bitter Apple and spray some on your shoes/strings and anything else she is eating. This is a lifesaver for kittens and phone cords, computer wires, etc.

Works on young or old pets (dogs/cats).
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Our ferals love to chew on anything resembling string. We had to put shoes with laces out of reach. But because the chewing is other things, I agree with the vet visit and blood work to eliminate a health problem.

The other thing we found that kitties love to chew is bendy straws. When our kitties went through a "bitey" phase, the bendy straws were terrific. Just make sure you throw out really chewed up straws before they're able to get bits of plastic off of them - it should be a couple of weeks before they reach that point.
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