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Yes, he is. Today I found 2 piles of poop on electrical cords that were behind the dresser. They were behind the dresser, so that he COULDNT get to them, but he somehow got back there. Sneaky kitties. But yes, He pooped right on the cords...Any idea as to why he would pick this spot? There was room next to the cords he could have pooped on, but it looks as if he purposly pooped on the cords, twice.

I did everything, He's been to the vet, they ruled out any type of worm, and had me switch foods. I also added another litter box, so now there's 3 litter boxes. My other cat just thinks it's the coolest thing to have a litter box in almost every room, but Mushi prefers to poop wherever it's hardest for me to get to. It really was horrible, and so so very stinky. I am just at my wits end with his pooping problem. It is really bad. And now, I am off to search for more poop, because if there's 2 piles behind the dresser, I just wonder what's under the bed.