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I'm in a bit of a strange situation and any ideas would be most helpful

Ok... let's see. When I was living at my mother's house in NY, along with the ferals and fosters we were taking care of, I had three cats - Mayhem, Azrael and Jack. I also adopted a dog, Karma, who became fast friends with Jack and slightly slower friends with Azrael (Azrael is the epitome of a "scardy cat" )

I've since moved to FL and since my apt has a two pet limit, my mother agreed to catsit Mayhem, Azrael and Jack until I bought a house (we knew my apt living would be temporary until I knew which area I wanted to buy), but I brought Karma to FL with me. Then shortly afterwards adopted another dog, Buddha, followed by my accidental cat adoption, Tryon.

I am down one cat because Mayhem unfortunately went into heart failure and had to be put down.

Ok, so now I'm buying a house and will be moving in within... oh two months, roughly... and all ofthe above mentioned animals are coming with me.

So to recap...

Karma (dog) knows everyone... currently lives with Buddha (dog) and Tryon (cat), and used to live with Azrael and Jack (both cats)

Buddha knows only Karma and Tryon.

Tryon knows only Karma and Buddha.

Jack and Az know only each other and Karma.

Whats the best way to introduce everyone to each other and introduce them to the new house at the same time?

What a mess I've made for myself