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is there something wrong?

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Hi there, I just have a concern with my oldest cat. Hes male, around 8 years old. hes fixed, and has had all his shots and flea treatments.

His behaviour when we frist got him was strange, he would throw up and chase his tail angrily. His previous owners said he was always like that. We've had him for about a year now and he hasent done any of these things since a few months into living here.

Now hes started doing it again. He thumps around and attacks his tail (not playfully but more like hes angry with it) he'll attack it until he cries and sometimes it bleeds and then he tries to run away from it. His back twitches also. It usually seems to be when hes hungry because if we feed him while hes doing this, it stops. Then a couple hours later he'll start doing it again...

Has anyone else encountered a problem like this? I dont want to see him hurt himself anymore. Any advise you guys have would be excellent, thanks so much.
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Yes, cats get weird when it comes to the tails, and the area where it attaches on top. See about putting him on some Bach Flower Remedy to relax him a bit, and ask the vet for help too - it's quite common, just more pronounced in some cats. Their whole backs will ripple like they're having a seizure, but it shouldn't last long at any one time.
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oh wow. that sounds excalty like him

thanks so much!
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You might want to research Feline Hyperesthesia as well- also, have you flea treated him recently, and if so, what did you use?

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we gave him his flea treatment on the 12th of January
its the advantage drops. If he did have fleas would it cause him to act this way? or could he have a reaction to the drops?

thanks for your info!!
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