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Just got a new cat and she is sleeping or hiding all the time

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I got a new cat last Sunday, so this is her fourth day with us. She’s about 5 years old, spayed, had three teeth removed last Friday and is on clavaseptin (since having the teeth out and is on them for a week). Also she has moved home several times recently - was left in house when owners were evicted, then moved onto two rescue centres before moving in with us. She does also seem to be sneezing lots.

So the first night she was here she loved attention and being stroked. Then from the next morning onwards she has just been staying in her cat home falling asleep. She is not eating much and only really comes out of the cat home once in the morning for maybe 10-20 mins.

Is this to be expected with all she has been through or should I take her to a Vets? I’m hoping it is just the antibiotics, moving and having the teeth out that is making her not very happy and don’t want to cart her to the vets if I am just being overprotective.

Any advice?


This is her when she was still at the rescue center
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Is that her in the picture? She's very lovely.

Do you have a vet? I would say to call and describe what's going on; hopefully the vet can then give you some direction.

It sounds like your new cat has been through some really tough times - lord love you for taking her in, I'm sure she really needed someone like you.

I don't think it's unusual under the circumstances for her to hide, but since she recently had dental work and is on antibiotics and not eating much, you can't discount that there is something physically wrong with her. Cats can have side effects from antibiotics, nausea and diarrhea being among them. Possibly the antibiotics are bothering her? Again, a phone call to the vet sounds in order here.

Good luck, and keep us updated!
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She's so adorable! Give her a soft pat for me on the forehead.

My little Seth-chan hid under the couch/futon for about the first month we had her. Then she got into the hang of playing and exploring. She is still a little jumpy and shy overall. She's was really undersocialized when we adopted her, so it's to be expected. Just be patient and give her lots of love. If she's not eating or drinking enough you may want to talk to your vet about feeding her yourself--at least until she's feeling better.

Lots of love and kitty hugs!
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Many thanks for your responces. As it happens 10 mins after posing the message she came out of hiding and ate quite a bit!

Just for piece of mind I took her to the vets today and apparenty she has the cat flu, but it should not last too long. Poor girl as if she hasnt had enough to deal with at the moment!

Yes thats her in the pic, she's a lovery cat and cant wait for her to get better so we can show her some much needed affection.
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Just continue to take it slow with her. Let her make the moves toward you instead of you approaching her. Cat Flu can be quite debilitating and often found in cats forced to live in crowded conditions. Let her adjust to her new found freedom and over time she will thaw out and start to trust you.
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awww! poor baby. sounds like she just needs some time to adjust. you know how long some cats take to adjust when they are healthy, can you imagine when they are feeling sick!
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