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New Mum left her kittens......why?

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My sister's friends cat (Tilly) gave birth to 2 males on sunday. Yesterday she got out, and came back home the next day. I was so shocked when I heard, why would she do this? And what about her babies? Can she be pregnant AGAIN?? Id like some advice, as my sister wants one of these kittens, and I dont know what to say to her.

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Some mom's aren't as good as others. Usually if they leave the babies, it's only to eat and stretch. It may be that she was stressed, and didn't know what to do. I would have her keep her and the babies in one room and keep the door closed. It will reduce the chances of her leaving the babies all together.
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To prevent another pregnancy, have your friend's cat spayed as soon as possible! I don't think she can get pregnant while nursing her babies. Not until they are weaned.
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are not contraceptives! The Queen can get pregnant again if there is a Tom in the area. Oftentimes, Toms will kill kittens to bring the mom into heat again so he can mate. Please get the mom spayed as soon as the kittens are thriving, and keep all unneutered males out of her area. She also could of gone away to find a "safer" place to put her babies, so please let your friend know that there is a danger if mom gets outside again. Keep her in a room with plenty of food and water, clean litterbox and give her a place where she can climb to get away from the kits for a few hours. Good luck!
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Yes, it is a very bad idea to let a nursing mother outside. You don't have to work at a shelter or rescue group very long to see how many orphaned litters are brought in becuase mom went out and never came back, usually because she was killed. In fact, it's possible she was trapped in someone's garage or something and couldn't get back home until the next day.
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it's awlways sad when a litter is left by their mommy .
I would not know what to do either ; just wanted to comfort you !!!
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Neesey - jsut wondering how your friend's kitty Tilly is doing with her mothering skills...the babes OK?
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Shes okay, they are now 2 weeks, 2 days old, and getting bigger. I saw them last week. The mother cat Tilly, still keeps leaving them and going outside. I just wish my sisters friend would make more of an effort to keep her indoors. She doesnt seem bothered about Tilly getting pregnant again. If that was me (but its not, nothing I can do about it) Then I would make sure she didnt get out at all. My own cat Lucy is due her first litter any day now, and I WILL be keeping her in until I can get her spayed.

Neesey xx
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Neesey - thanks for the update- there is probably nothing you can do about your sister's friend's kitty - but GOOD FOR YOU with your babe. I am glad that the kittens re at least thriving for Tilly.
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