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I guess im just weird. Yes i have had my share of credit cards but NEVER MORE for ANY REASON AT ALL.

You do NOT need a credit card to book hotel rooms or flights or anything else-- As long as you have a debit card with a Visa/Mastercard logo'd and the money in your bank account you can do anything with it that you can with a credit card. Believe me, I have booked many many flights, and hotel rooms on my debit card.

As far as needing it to build a credit history thats BS too-- if you have a stable place of employment, have paid your bills on time and dont have way too much debt you can buy pretty much anything including a house or a car. You dont have to have credit to live in the USA contrary to most of Americas opinion.

Our house runs solely on cash. Every penny has a name and if its used up, well we are out of luck until that gets replenished next budget period. This system works best for us. I honestly cant even imagine having another credit card.

Anyway thats JMO as always.