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Need suggestions on removing litter-clumps on feet

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I have an elderly cat that has diabetes and urinates frequently...he has been having trouble keeping his feet clean during the process and sometimes ends up with clumps stuck to his feet. It is the self-clumping litter. I would prefer not to switch to reg. litter if possible because I have another cat that shares this box and of course his frequent urination means I am already constanstly scopping it (atleast once a day). But I know it is uncomfortable for him when I try to clean it (he is long-haired, with fur in-between his toes). Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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I use a flea comb and comb it out...
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Do you have a litter-catching mat outside the box? If you don't, try getting one (or several if its an open box and the cats exit from several sides) so the kitty has to walk on it on his way out of the box and that may help clean up his feet... otherwise, I'd say comb it out gently, or try to keep his foot hairs trimmed shorter (hopefully his hair doesnt grow too quickly so you dont have to do it all the time)... good luck!
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I would clip any hair between his toes. I'm sure he would be much more comfortable not having to worry about his litter clumps. Using a mustache scissors helps alot. They have rounded tips so no sharp pokes.
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My friend has a very similar problem with her elderly cat, except that she dips the end of her paw into her waterdishes before using the kitty litter. It balls up on the end of her paw...they call it "clump foot". they haven't figured out a way to get the whole thing off yet, but she does use hot water and a q-tip to seperate her toes and get it out from in there. Personally I think I'd be more on top of it and not let it form as much as she does, but I try not to judge, she does the best she can.
I think the problem is that Bootsie wont tollerate having her foot soaked in water (funnily enough). When they've tried to bathe her before she almost didn't recover (shocking a 22 year old cat is unadviseable).
I"m sorry I'm not much help. My friend says that the water has to be hot to work, I'm not really sure why but I guess it makes a difference.
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We have a piece of carpet in front of the litterboxes, which seems to do the trick, because both cats like to paw it, so it works the litter out of their paws. If there's a particular material that your cat likes to paw at, I'd suggest putting that around which might help.
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I have the same problem with Otis. He has kidney problems and urinates a ton at once and usually steps in it too. Usually what I do is (it depends on how much your cat tolerates you) soak his paw in warm water and the comb it out. I use a paper towel to wipe the comb on when it gets to full. Then I cut out the stuff that's left. You have to be careful when cutting the hair so I suggest having someone help you until he gets used to having it done
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