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Kittie's Plead

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I wrote this poem after talking to someone at our shelter who had let a cat out & the cat never came home. It's not the best I've written, but I thought I'd share it with you all.

Kittie's Plead

You’ve locked all the cabinets
And put up all the plants
You do your best to keep me safe

I know you love me and think I’m smart
Look in my eyes and remember
My mind sees only adventure and fun

I beg at the door but don’t be fooled
If I understood I’d dare not venture there

Sometimes I forget to trust you
I don’t want to admit your right

I run and I play blissful
Unaware that danger lurks with every step

So while I’m thinking clear
I want to be save and warm

So I’m pleading don’t let me out
Keep me in here.
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I think it's very good....and so true.
They sure do love to think they want to get out, but they really don't. Unfortunately, some do, and never come back.
I'm so thankful that the few occasions mine have gotten out the door, they've only gone a couple steps before realizing "now what?" and back in they go.
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This is a beautiful poem.
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