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To top it all off....(rant)

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I have had to change my 4yr olds daycare.
I've had problems with them for awhile now. Picking him up and him being soaked in urine, the smell was so bad it gagged me. There had been more then one occasion that he didnt have any shoes on and was OUTSIDE on the playground in 50 degree weather... then there was an occasion that when I went to pick him up I asked the aid on the playground where he was, she didnt even look up from her cell phone, just said "I dunno". I searched EVERYWHERE for him... in every class, bathroom, the lunchroom, the playground... EVERYWHERE for about 10 mins. I was in tears and almost called the police when a 6yr old came up to me and said "Deacon is under the portable" (a temporary building). I looked under there and there he was playing in the dirt! . All the while, none of the teachers even flinched to help me find him! Thats when I decided it was time to change schools. I gave them my two weeks notice. Since then he has had more accidents, came home filthy, lost his clothes and blanket. Well yesterday, when I picked him up, they handed me a letter saying he was not allowed back unless I put him in diapers! Then when I asked who this young guy was who looked 15, he got mad and said "IM not 15. Im 21 F*!king years old."I was livid! He said this right in front of about 8 children and this supposedly a christian school.I told him "You work in a child care center where MY child is attending, I have the RIGHT to know who you are!" My son is FULLY potty trained and been in different schools and never had this problem. When he's at home, he never has accidents...NEVER.. So I told them I was done and it was his last day. So I found him another daycare and when I went to transfer him I was told by Coordinated Child Care that I HAD to pay these people thier parent fee of $25 before I could transfer him.. So I called the old daycare and asked why for ONE day I had to pay her. She was cussing at me and ranting and raving. Swearing that when I started him there I said he wasnt potty trained and that I never brought him extra clothes, and on and on. I then told her "Well you HAVE been reported to the Department of Children and Families and for it being a christian school, she sure lost her religion when she found out she wasn't getting anymore money from the subsidized childcare fund" and then informed her I would be there this afternoon to get his records and if their facility was so great then she wouldn't be so desperate for her $25 and hung up. So he starts his new daycare tomorrow. It's cleaner, more organized, and there are bathrooms in EVERY class room. I told them the reason I left the other one and she was appalled. I feel MUCH better now.
Sorry I was so long winded on this... there is SO much more but I wont burden ya'll with it lol... I just had to get this off my chest.
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Ouch, Dixie. I'm sorry you've had such a problem. Your description reminds me of working in a daycare center the summer after high school -- I was only seventeen and they had me basically running the place, taking care of the infants and doing the scheduling for the other employees. It was a "Christian" place, too, and we sure had some lulu customers. One little girl had such a bad diaper rash that it had turned into a yeast infection. She was barely a year old!

It must be very hard to leave your child all day, and then to feel like you can't trust the people you are leaving him with to care for him. Young as I was, I always took my responsibility very seriously. I'm sorry that's not the case with the staff you describe. I hope your son does well in his new placement.
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After all the other crap you have had to deal with you would think you could trust your childs daycare. Geeeshh!!

I would complain and report them till I was blue in the face!!
These people should be shut down!!
A lot of places seem to hide behind the image of something they are not.

I am glad to hear you got him out of there!
Good Luck!!!!!
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Oh you bet your bottom dollar I reported them... TWICE! Im glad he's going to this other school. A friend of mine has her son there and he's been there for awhile and no complaints
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