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Originally Posted by lionessrampant
Oh man, I would totally drive a cool!
Oh, it's fun... I just don't like the scene that goes along with it. Everybody knows each other, especially years ago when it wasn't trendy to own a Vespa, and I liken it to living in a small town. The ride itself you can't beat for inner city living.
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The business owns two trucks that I drive. The one I drive the most is a 2003 Chevy 3500-Crew Cab, dually, long box(8' box). It's gonna have a flatbed & toolboxes on it someday... The other is a 1994 blue Chevy Extended Cab dually. Mom got the brilliant idea to buy a car spur of the moment, so we are stuck with a 1999 blue Pontiac Grand Am that is a real lemon. We get it fixed, on average, every 3 months. THe longest we've gone w/o fixing it is 6 months. We also have a 1991 full size van. Purple stripes none the less. Mom is contemplating trading the van in for a minivan. I don't exactly fit in the car too well. My big long legs cramp up in such a tiny car. Dad skins his head when he gets in & out of it, too.

If I had my pick, I'd spring for a 2005 Chevy 3500 Crew Cab dually....I'm better at driving a truck with a huge rear end that sticks outta parking spots than some cramped little car, or worse, a minivan(cue dramatic music...)! When I was looking for dad's truck last fall, I found a pink one near us, but he didn't think he could drive a pink truck. Something about his manhood & the guys on the crew boycotting work...I don't see what the problem is!
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Originally Posted by darkeyedgirl
I drive a 2000 Toyota Celica GT, silver w/ black stripe & black skirts, Konig rims & way-fun low profile Nankang tires. I get lots of comments on it!

If I had my pick tho:
Sunny, warm, nice days in Cincinnati: A Maserati Spyder in the brightest, hottest red you can imagine, all the upgrades. Boy would I have quite the police record, hah...

Cold, cruddy, snowy & blah-days in Cincinnati (like today); An old beat up SUV that I could crash into stuff & not care; something with a horrible paint job that I didn't care about; something with decent tires so I'd not get suck and of course, 4 wheel drive. And a good sound system so when I'm waiting in traffic behind 3 zillion other people, I can jam out & have fun in my cruddy SUV.

For now tho I love my Celi, it's paid for & good on gas & even tho it's a 4 banger it's fast enough for lil ol me!
I had a 96 Celica and thought about getting a 2000 (I think first year for a body change) . I had another Celica before the 96 I loved those cars. In 2000 I decided I had to "get a big people " car and so I drive a Toyota Solara today. Hubby drives a Camry.
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2004 Ford Mustang
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1989 Toyota Corolla -- white. You see her litter mates everywhere. 274,000 km on the original clutch -- Sheba's a good girl. Not fancy, but very reliable. When eventually we replace her, it will likely be another Toyota (maybe the Prius) or a Honda but, God willing, that won't be for a few more years.
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I want to get the Mercedes A class, if not the new ford Focus or Fiesta
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93 MR2 Turbo... If I could get another car, it would be an Audi S4.
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I drive an '01 dark blue Toyota Corolla, but would love to have a Hummer.
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Black '99 Toyota 4Runner SR5 I loooove my car. We bought it when I was a sophomore in high school used for $26,000 (base price for a 4Runner at the time). It was 2 months old, 2000 miles on it, fully loaded (including leather seats) except for power seating, which isn't such a big deal cause I'm the only one who drives it. My parents told me it would be mine when I went to college cause I always expected to go to some private university far from home. When I decided to go to A&M, two hours away, they said "You don't need the car, we'll just drop you off!" A year later, they said they were tired of finding rides for me and me always coming home late, so they got mom a new car and I got my 4Runner.
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Originally Posted by Vicious Vaness
93 MR2 Turbo... If I could get another car, it would be an Audi S4.
I'm so jealous!
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I dirve a 2003 Buick Regal
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1993 Honda Civic Dx....with a couple engine modifications so it drives faster and sounds cooler. LoL.
My dream car is a late 60s E Type Jag!
One day...
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I drive a 2003 Honda Element, it is blue. I call it Elephant the Element. I just got it 2 months ago.
I am a dork I know. My next car is going to be a Dodge Challenger
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Just bought a 2006 Toyota Matrix a few months ago and absolutely love it!
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I'm learning to drive in my Mums toyota cavalier!
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I drive a Vauxhall Corsa called Dave Vegas!

He's a special edition car - Vegas - hence the name!

I would also love to have an original Splitty or Bay VW Camper!
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I drive a BMW Z3 Roadster called Velveteen. The colour is called Velvet Blue but looks like the purple foil on Cadbury's chocolate. The seats are a pale champagne colour piped in velvet blue. It's my dream car so I'm happy!
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Originally Posted by yasmine
I drive a toyota celica and hate ready for another car
Just traded mine in too. Wasn't that bad, but very difficult to get the kids in and out of the back seat. As they grew - they were to tall. Not a family car. Just curious - what don't you like about yours? And what year is it? Mine was a 2001 so it was that new design and the back was really low.
I have a 2006 Mazda 3s GT now and love it!!! I treated myself to one with all the bells and whistles this time (which I have never done). First time I ever bought the car off the showroom floor.
My car I would like to have???...Well I'd need to move to sunny CA or
FL (oh yeah - and become filthy stinking rich first): Lamborghini Gallardo.
A girl can dream can't she???
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I drive this:

.... but I want this :

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i drive a white plymoth grand voyager i think i would want a hummer
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