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flower remedies for cats

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I was given this information about flower essences from my vet and wanted to share it w/everyone. These can be used on cats and dogs. My cats are getting 2 drops each of walnut, beech, and rescue remedy. You just put it in your cats water bowl. You can buy them from any vitamin store. Lucy & Cosmo are a lot calmer and it seems to be working. I am not recommending that anyone try these before going to a vet first. My cats are healthy and not getting along and this was worth a try.

Agrimony: Helps ease the mental anguish that accompanies a slow healing wound or injury.
Aspen: For skittishness. Very nervous and easily frightened.
Beech: For the cat who has no tolerance for another animal or certain people. Effective w/walnut to assist in keeping the peace between 2 cats who always seem to be fighting.
Cherry Plum: For very aggressive animals that may seem to be uncontrollable.
Chicory: Can be helpful for animals that demand attention. Can become possessive or jealous.
Clematis: Can be used for animals that are lethargic.
Crab Apple: Good for cleansing after an illness, accident, or surgery.
Honeysuckle: For the cat who has lost a person or another animal she has been close to. Also useful along w/walnut to help adjust to moving to a new location.
Larch: Effective in helping animals that lack self-confidence. Low animal in pecking order.
Mimulus: For fears of specific non-threatening things such as water, cars, other animals, strangers, etc. Generally very timid.
Nature's Rescue Remedy: Appropriate for any kind of accident, illness, or injury your cat may experience. Whenever a cat seems to be experiencing unusual stress.
Rock Rose: For animals that tend to panic easily or who have just had a really frightening experience. Terror.
Scleranthus: Helps alleviate car sickness.
Star of BEthlehem: For abused animals or those that have suffered trauma or serious injury. Can ease the grief of losing a human or animal companion.
Vervain: For hyperactive animals
Vine: For the boss animal, leader of the group.
Walnut: Helps in adjusting to a new animal in the environment, change of routine, etc.
Water Violet: For the aloof animal or those that tend to be loners. Many cats are this type.
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This is good information - I will save it!
Thank you!
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Putting it up here and sticking it so it will benefit all who need it.
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