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Look what we woke up to?

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I took this picture off my front porch this morning.
I`m sooo excited. We have not had much snow this winter (esp for Michigan!)
It looks like a winter wonderland out there today....but it`s supposed to warm back up it won`t last long.
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Ohhh so pretty! and i was complaining because my car doos we frozen shut and the windshield wipers were frozen the the windshield! i would love to see some snow this year!
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Aaaaargh keep it!!!

It looks lovely though from where i'm sitting
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oooh it looks so Christmassy! I'm so sad Christmas is all gone
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No fair! I want some snow!!

Send it my way PLEASE!!
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Looks like a real winter wonderland!!
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How far North are you!
We have NONE here!
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Where abouts in MI? I am about 20 miles North of the Indiana morning. Most of what we got was freezing rain with snow on top of it.
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That looks real pretty!
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That's beautiful!!!!
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Originally Posted by Pombina
oooh it looks so Christmas-y! I'm so sad Christmas is all gone
I know!!! And here, Christmas was slushy with some grass, too. I think it even rained.

Well, that picture is sooooooooooo pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's so perfect, I wouldn't even want to walk in that snow for fear of messing up that perfect picture.
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How PRETTY!!!! I wish it would snow here again!!!! That's a beautiful picture!!!
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Wow! Is that what snow looks like? We haven't had a good snow for almost a month or so. We had very heavy rains for most of the morning in PA.
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Linda! Stop teasing! I LOVE snow but I'm never going to see it where I live. Maybe you could send me some in the mail?
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