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How cold is too cold?

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With the surge in natural gas prices, my heating bill is outrageous. I'd like to lower my house temperature while I'm away at work.

Right now, my house temperature is set to 65 when I leave, but I'd like to lower that to 60. Would the kids do all right at 60 degrees?
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That is pretty chilly. i woke up to my house at 60 this morning and my whole body was aching. i wouldnt go that low but perhaps someone else will know for sure.
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Heres a link to a similar thread that was started that might help you

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Trust me that isn't too cold. I mainly heat my house with wood and some of the rooms are at that tep in the morning if the wood stove has burnt out!!
If you are able we heat primarily with wood but have electric heat and have a programable thermostat that we program with 3 different temps durin the week.
You can buy them at home depot, lowes or stores like that. I'm from WI so our temps aren't terrribly different. The kitties will keep nice and warm!!
I just checked my thermostats and they are reading 66-67 degrees.
Do you have a spot for them to sleep when its sunny outside??? Some of my cats like the extra heat from a sunny window.
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I find our kitties are smart enough to keep warm. When i have the heat on and i'm comfortable, the kits are lying on the tile cooling down. When the heats off they alternate curling up on the bed and running around like maniacs.

Keep on eye on your kitties health, provide blankets, places for them to snuggle and they should be fine.
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I forgot to mention that I have a bad draft coming through the bottom of the front door. My feet get cold when I sit at the chair over there, but Boscoe just lays down on the cold plastic runner mat where he surely is getting some cold breeze. That's why I have been thinking of cranking down the temperature during the day. I'll do more research and make sure it's safe before I turn it down.
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I live in an old house that only has central heat on the 1st floor. I doubt that my upstairs gets much above 60 during the winter yet the cats hang out there in the bedrooms most of the day. I can't see that it will be a problem for your babies.

(And reverse in the summer - I only have air conditioning downstairs and they still hang out upstairs during the day).
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That temperature is just fine, and many people keep their houses that temp on a normal basis to keep costs down. You might want to get an old bath towel or blanket to roll up at the bottom of the door. Its causing your money to go right under the door.
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I think my cats are weird... they prefer cold, especially PJ (which is probably related to her hyper-T). Anyway, the colder it is, the more they play with each other like crazy.
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I leave my electric blanket on for my girls since our upstairs tends to be cold too (old house with no central heat upstairs). I know some would say that's a fire waiting to happen but my husband works from home so he's home all day. I keep it on low and I'm careful to inspect the cord and the surge-protector that it's plugged into.
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I keep my apartment at 60-65 most of the time, even when I'm home, because I want to keep my gas bill down (it's already doubled since last year). The girls have plenty of hidey holes and blankets they can curl up under, and usually when I come home, they are sitting out in the open -- I would think if they were cold, they'd be huddled someplace.

You might keep a heating pad or electric blanket turned on at the lowest setting on your bed (assuming you allow your cats there, some people don't ... lol).
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I have my thermostat turned down a little bit lower than last winter, and it seems to me that the kitties spend more time curled up in warm places than last year. As long as they have some place to curl up and stay warm, I wouldn't worry about it. Mine even have crawled underneath the quilt on my bed.
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