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Kitty Diet with multiple cats

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I searched out this forum because I am having a problem with an overweight cat. It would be simple enough to put her on a diet, however we have 6 other cats and we have a food bowl that stays filled most all of the time as the cats all eat at different times each day and night. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can prevent further weight gain by one of the cats but not all of the cats?
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the only way is to have special feeding times and feed your overweight separately so you can monitor how much she's eating. The best way to reduce help a cat lose weight is to switching to a wet food (or mostly wet food diet). Talk to your vet, they'll let you know the amount of kcals your cat needs per day (like our basal metabolic rate) and you should feed your overweight cat to the amount. Most manufacturers have the amount of kcal's in their food on their website or you can call them.

Healthy weight loss in cats shouldn't be more then 1/2lb/month.

Good luck
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I have 2 of mine that struggle with weight problems and I also free feed with a little extra canned food treat at suppertime.

I started mixing light food into their regular food for the open feedings. I have talked to the vet about this and he wasn't concerned about the other cats getting a dose of lite food as long as you are monitoring the health of the house.

For their evening snack, I give the fatties a little less than the others.

I place the open feeding bowls in high spots so they have to work to get at them. It isn't a free meal - they have to use muscles to jump on top of something to eat.

I also put their favorite things all around the house including on high things so they have to move around a lot and work for them. Gives them a little extra exercise.

And play a little bit more with the overweight ones. Have them burn off those excess pounds!

My Pinky has lost 2 pounds over the last 2 years and Spanky lost 1.5 pounds in the last year using these methods. You never want to take weight off a cat fast, and you want to make exercise a regular ritual to keep it off.

It's frustrating, but don't give up!
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I have heard of kitty doors that open only for the cat with the "remote collar" on. Would it be possible to put the other cats food in a room that has a kitty door, and put the special collars on them, where they could continue going in for their regular food, but the kitty who needs to be on a diet couldn't get inside the room. You could start only putting down the special kitty food on a schedule so you know how much he is eating, and bring it back up until the next day.
I know it sounds like a lot of work, but just thought I would mention it.
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I put my cat food for the free fed cats on top of a high cupboard. My obese cat cant jump up there so she only gets the food I give her which is a 1/4 a cup in the morning and at night. My cat has lost 4 lbs.
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Thanks for the advice everyone. I have taken to feeding all the cats a few times a day rather than constantly keeping their bowl full. I do believe this is helping, not only with my overweight cat, but also with the problem of one of my dogs eating the cat food. THanks again!
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