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I'm Shocked! My mother likes Miya!

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Well, I am moving back home to the US permanently, as I said on another thread. I decided to move in with the family for several reasons, both beneficial to my parents and me and the kitty.

Before she met her, my mother was adament about having a cat in HER home. After a big argument, she decided to let the cat come with me, as long as I kept her upstairs. I told her I'd try, but it would be hard, since Miya wants to be around me all the time. I was also very worried about having to declaw her which I have always been against.

Well, I brought the cat home and at first my mom was surprised because she didn't think I had a cat. She was very, very uneasy about the cat being in the house and for two weeks she tried scaring her off so Miya wouldn't come near her. I had explained that she really shouldn't do that right away because she needs to get used to her surroundings first.

Something funny happened the third week. My mom asked me to come into her room to watch TV and talk. She is in a wheelchair and I have the run of the second level of the house. Anyway, she said, "Ok...leave the bedroom door open in case Miya wants to come in...but don't you dare tell anyone I said that." The next day, I was holding Miya and just for kicks brought her close to my mom, who decided to gently pet her. I couldn't believe it! Later that day, I asked if I would have to declaw Miya and told her why I was against it and she said she was against it too! The next day, Miya was being naughty and climbing over the living room furniture, which got my mom a little irritated. So, I said watch this and picked Miya up from the back of the couch, put her on the floor and said, "Miya, out," while pointing to the door and she hung her head and started to walk toward the door. My mother just stared at me in absolute amazement. So then, she tried to play with Miya, but Miya sort of looks at her like she's strange.

When I had to leave, it was my mom who was giving instructions to my sister and dad about not yelling at Miya if she does something wrong, and to gently pick her up and put her on the floor if she is on a piece of furniture that isn't okay to be walking on. When Miya was crying because I had left her, it was my mother who lectured her about crying and carrying on on the way to the airport. She says, "Just because I don't particularly care for cats is no need to be mean to her." But I think that ALSO means, "I don't like cats, but I do like Miya."
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awwwww bless her !! you would have to have a hard heart for a cat not to be able to worm themselves in eventually you cant help but adore these little creatures
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My Dad always claimed not to like cats, but when Gryphon and Nibs came into our home, they selected "their" humans: Gryph selected Dad, and became Grampa's boy.

Miya's on her way... She'll have your mum around her little paw in no time!
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That is wonderful!!, sounds like she is warming your mom's heart!
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I think most everyone has a little cat lover in them! htat is so great ot hear!!
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Whohoo! My mom was like that too..."Keep the cats in your bedroom" at first, and then all of the sudden "You can leave the door open and let them explore if they want!" Aren't kitties the best?
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That's so great!

Miya must be a real sweetheart! I'm so glad your mom is warming up to her - will be nice for her too!
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That's great news!

Cats are really good at getting pretty much anybody to love them.
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