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My mom's kitten..

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My sister got a kitten in October at her apartment at college. When she brought him(Kingsley) home, my dad was convinced that cats aren't the root of all evil, and decided to get my mom a kitten around christmas time because my mom has been wanting one for many years. (She used to have cats around 15years ago, and when she was growing up).

Anyway, we got jet, a female kitten around the end of the year. She was declawed last thursday. I know this wasn't a good decision, I was rather against it, but that is irrelevant. The next day, Jet came home, she was bleeding a little in one paw, and the vet rewrapped her paw. She bled through the night even as my mom stayed up with her holding her, and we took her back to the vet on Saturday morning. Jet has been with him since then, and my mom and dad went to see her today. The vet said Jet has a virus and the antibiotics are not helping, and she will probably not survive. My mom is extremely heartbroken as she loved Jet even though she has only been here for a few short weeks.

She felt regretful about the declawing right as it was happening, and I think she blames herself for what has happened. I know I have not given you all a great deal of information, but do you thing this virus is related to the declawing ( a possible infection?), or maybe she already had the virus when we got her from the shelter a few weeks ago?

I am basically looking for ways to console my mom as she is extremely sad about what is happening.

Thank you for reading this.
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I'm so sorry, the poor baby

RIP little one, and play happily over the bridge with all the other kittens
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I think it might be hard to say now whether the infection was already there waiting for a vulnerable moment in the kitty's system or whether the declawing caused it. I would strongly suggest (and I believe you agree) not declawing in future. It takes but a moment to clip a kitty's nails and doesn't hurt them.

I'm still hoping you won't lose Jet.
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Thanks for your replies. Jet didn't make it through the night but hopefully it wasn't too painful for her.
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I'm very sorry that Jet didn't make it. RIP sweet angel.
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Oh, poor little Jet! I am so sorry that she has passed away! Rather than trying to figure out if the declawing contributed to her death, in an effort to console your Mom, I would focus on the fact that she tried to save a shelter kitten. If your Mom asks if the declaw contributed, just say I don't know and let her discuss medical facts with her vet.

IMO what your Mom needs from you is to hear that you do not blame her for Jet's death. That you understand that she loved Jet. Encourage her to talk about the little cute things Jet did.

I would also encourage her to get another kitty when she is ready. I have had some very bad luck in the past several years as I have fostered, and we lost several kittens and cats to illness and sudden death. As painful as it is, I find comfort in knowing that while they were with me, at least they were truly loved. The same is true for little Jet, she was chosen and beloved by your Mom. She is safe and whole over the Rainbow Bridge. Any thoughts or opinions about declaw would be better left for another time, not now while your Mom is hurting.
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Thanks for your replies. My mom is feeling better today, she is still sad though. I was just wondering more about the declawing out of curiosity, I will ask the vet about it next time I see him (and when my mom is not in the room).

We are planning on getting another kitten when my mom is ready.
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I'm so sorry about the loss of your mom's kitten.

R.I.P. Jet
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My condolences to your mom, dad and you over losing Jet. Play hard at the bridge, little one. R.I.P, Jet.
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Condolences on the sad loss of Jet. I am glad that your mother has the courage to share her love for cats with some future kitty. As for declawing, IMO, please read the various threads here & on the Internet, in addition to information from the vet who did the declawing - I think that you will get some good, solid answers. BTW, welcome to TCS - I hope that you and your mom can visit here to share happier times with us soon. Susan
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I would like to hear what kind of virus they think it is. Were tests run? I'll help you any way I can to figure out the mystery on your mind right now.
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Originally Posted by menagerie mama
I would like to hear what kind of virus they think it is. Were tests run? I'll help you any way I can to figure out the mystery on your mind right now.

I heard everything second hand through my parents from the vet, but mainly he said, the antibiotics aren't working, I believe she has a virus, no further tests were done...
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