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Oliver's Birthday!

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Ok, so tomorrow (January 18th) is Oliver's 4th birthday!! Yay!! Even though I wanted to share that, I also have a question.... for a birthday present, I bought new sisal rope from Lowes last night to re-rope his scratching post (its the kind that's carpet on the bottom of the pole and sisal on the top)... he uses his post ALLLL the time, which makes me happy, but is also the reason for the need to re-rope - my questions are:

1. Do I have to do anything to the rope before applying it? (I'm so used to having to sterilize EVERYTHING for my fish and hermit crabs before they get it).

2. Any suggestions, especially from those of you who've made your own trees and posts, on how to take off the old and apply the new rope?

3. Do you think Oliver will stop using the post because I've changed the rope? I'm worried he'll stop using it... although I use soft paws, the do shed off and I can't always re-cap on the spot... anyone have experience with refitting trees and posts and how their kitties reacted?

Thanks so much guys! I can't believe he's 4 already!
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Happy Birthday to Oliver!!!
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You don't have to do anything to the rope, just use it as it is.

I haven't removed any, only added it to our cat tree. Wrap some duct tape or masking tape around the cut ends, to keep them from unravelling. Nail/screw or staple gun down each end and wrap so you cover the nail or staple, make sure you use a long nail/screw or staple.

A bit of catnip rubbed into it will help, if your kitty likes it.

Nice, new rope will be great for those little claws!

Happy Birthday Oliver!!
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I have never removed either but I did add rope and I used a knot at each end with a nail with a flat head. I put the nail in an area where my cat can't scratch it then I wrapped and used some hot glue ever now and again and ended it where my cat would not get at the nail at the top. She loved the new rope better then the carpet she was using.

Happy Birthday from me too, Oliver
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Happy Birthday Oliver!

Hope everything goes easy with the rope. Unfortunately I've never done that before either.
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Oliver thanks everyone so much for their birthday wishes!!

Aside from the new rope, his birthday present was he got to spend almost the whole day in bed with his mommy! (I only had one class in the morning and then senior pictures, so we got some MAJOR cuddle/cat nap time this afternoon).... he seemed very happy with that as a present! hehe, He's already got a million toys and treats, so other than the rope, I had no idea what to get him, lol (plus he just got tons of Xmas presents from Santa Paws)

Thanks as well for the input on the new sisal rope... I'm not sure when I'll get to actually applying it, but it'll be the next thing I do when I get a few spare moments....

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