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Pictures from Beijing

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I received a request from jdpesz to display some more pictures from my trip so here they are. Sorry if the pictures are quite big.

I hope you all will enjoy this American's first impressions of Beijing.

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I tried to look but my computer froze up on the page Your kitties in your signature are certainly cute !
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Those are wonderful pictures!
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Awww, it reminds me of Hong Kong! (My dad is from Southern China/Hong Kong and I've been to visit a few times) That looks like it was an exciting trip! Did someone speak Chinese in your group? And yeah, the salesmen in China (though not actually in Hong Kong) are really pushy! They follow you around and yell at you in Chinese...makes you want to run away! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures!
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Thanks everyone!!

Captiva, I made the site more manageable so it shouldn't freeze anyone's computer anymore.. sorry!

I made the trip with my boyfriend who is Chinese. I also know a little Chinese. One of the sales people on the Great Wall was really pushy and my boyfriend told him to back off. The salesguy then cursed him out in Chinese and it looked like he wanted to fight... yikes!
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I wanna go to Beijing!!! Those pictures are so neat! Thanks for sharing them
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