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pussycat number two!!

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Looks like Rune and I might be going home to a new addition after all! I tried to post this the other day, but I don't think it worked - so I'll try again. I posted some time ago because there was a member of the family looking to home one of her older Burmese cats, Cindy. Well they swithered over it and decided that perhaps they would keep her after all. But now it's come to a point where there are five cats in the house (he daughter moved back hom with her two cats) and Cindy isn't happy in her home any more. Tosca is also getting on really really well with MILs two burmese boys (or rather, she's looking for the company and they're ignoring her - they're mad that a little girl has come and usurped their territory and doesn't seem to care that they're trying to be intimidating!! ) So, Rune decided that we can take on Cindy as well seeing as Tosca seems to really want the company and Cindy needs a place to go - we reckon they'll get on really well together as Cindy needs to be with other cats too.... OOO I'm so excited!! I hope it all comes through this time!
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Keeping my fingers crossed for you and Tosca! Let us know when you hear something.
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Wonderful news! The more the merrier!
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Good luck with that, Emma! I hope it turns out to be the perfect constellation.
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