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Emma just barfed a tapeworm

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I know I've posted before about her barfing. We went on Science Diet Sensitive Stomach and have been great for weeks now. The vet was never concerned because she was dewormed at the SPCA just months ago...and she's a food gobbler. I come home to find 3 vomit piles, one with a long white worm in it. My neighbor who used to be a vet tech came over and check it out. I am so upset because I feel like I've neglected her! Poor thing! And it's just gross there is a worm still wriggling around in a Ziploc on my counter waiting to go to the vet with me tomorrow.
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Awwww... Poor Emma! Vomiting is the pits as it is never mind vomiting up a worm. You'll probably be given a liquid or a pill for the worms and hopefully that will be it. Good luck!!
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I guess worms can be a tricky thing to get rid of. Tapeworms often live in the host without the host exhibiting any signs of of a problem.

My cat had all the required shots, and did not have fleas, but I discovered he had tapeworms (they were probabaly in him long before I got him as a stray). The vet gave him a series of two shots to get rid of the worms.
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Blah, that is really gross :disturbed. I hope emma will be feeling better soon.

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Awwww, sounds like Emma had a bad day. Send kisses her way.
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I called the vet this morning and she said since I have the tapeworm and she actually puked it out, they don't need to see her. Wonderful! No vet bill! I am picking up a pill for her. She also said that the deworming at the SPCA can't tackle tapeworm. Tapeworm is common among outside cats who are exposed to other cats, fleas or kill mice and get exposed. Tapeworms aren't blood suckers. They simply live in the cat's body and eat what the cat eats. It's also one reason she may not be gaining much weight (the vet and I thought she was just petite) and eats like a darn pig. I feel better but I still feel bad that she's had this living, crawling thing inside of her!

Any thoughts about the medicine? What will happen? How will I know it's working?
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is called Cesex. One pill. $20. Argh!
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You may notice loose stool or possible vomiting, but nothing too bad. Usually one treatment is all you need
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