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Bored Cat?

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During the 2 months Puppy lived at my parents house, he was very active. He is a year old, and he plays like a little kitten. He chased anything that was lying on the ground, and he would play be himself or with us. His favored toy was a fuzzy rabbit fur ball we bought him. He ripped the stuffing out of it. He would cross the street to the school yard, presumably to look for things to chase. He did live with 2 other cats, and while he wanted to play with them, they wanted nothing to do with him. The household schedule was that everyone gets up in the morning and leaves for the day. Everyone comes back around 5.

We brought him with us on Thursday night. I know cats spend 16 hours a day sleeping, but he seems to spend 20 hours a day sleeping. When we try to play with him, he shows only a little interest. He still won't play with the fishing rod toy, one of his favorite activities before. He's very alert in the morning for a couple hours. Then he's semi-awake in the evening. We feed him and attempt to play with him in the evening, otherwise I'm not sure he'd be interested in getting up. He acts generally contented (tail is always up, purrs when we pet him, appetite is good). He has no other behavior problems (he uses the litter box properly, he only mews when he knows we're about to feed him) But he's not as alert.

Our daily schedule here is similar. We're in an apartment. Outside activity isn't really possible. It snows here, and he's declawed. I've thought about trying to leash train him; I had a cat once that liked leash walks. We have only one other pet, a turtle.

What do we do? I know he's still adjusting, but how long will this take and how do we help him adjust? Should we continue to try to play with him? Should we leave him alone? Should we buy/make more toys and furniture to keep him entertained?
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I would be really interested to see what people say on this subject, i am also having some problems keeping Otis entertained as well. I hate leaving him alone during the day...what if he gets bored? And now with boxes everywhere, there is just all this stuff where he isnt used to it...He also had other kittens to play with as well...i am thinking about getting him a friend as soon as he is neutred.
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