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anybody's cat ever do this too??

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Hobbs likes me to hold him cradled on his back almost like a baby. Sometimes when I pick him up like this, he will stare right at me, and gently put one or both of his paws right on my lips! Ill move my head out of his reach, and when I get closer again he will reach his paw out and do it again Im not sure what it means, whether he is just keeping some space between us, or just making physical contact. I dont think it means to put him down because he never appears angry when he does it, and after a few seconds of petting the back of his neck, he purrs loudly, and starts to close his eyes and get sleepy while Im holding him Anybody know what this putting his paws on my lips means?
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I have no idea what it means but my kitten does it too when she is feeling extra lovey. Isn't it wonderful? I adore it.
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Originally Posted by Abigail
I have no idea what it means but my kitten does it too when she is feeling extra lovey. Isn't it wonderful? I adore it.
yep, it is sweet. I just wind up kissing his little pads when he does it to tease him
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Tuffy will lay on his side and with all 4 legs hold my hand away from him. He will just lay there like this. I also don't know what he is telling me. Normally if he don't want to bet petted or held he will just walk away from me. Sometimes when he is laying next to panther he will do the same thing to him.
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Originally Posted by sbw999
yep, it is sweet. I just wind up kissing his little pads when he does it to tease him
My Sweetums does that too, sometimes, when she is, "feeling extra lovey" I love it when she does that! And I always kiss her little paw pads too!!

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I think someone had a discussion on the paws on the face thing before, cuz I remember writing how Ollie does it to me in the morning and at night when we're going to bed.... I like it's like "Mommy, I just want you to know I'm right here and I love you" type of thing - at least with Oliver.... and I almost always hold Oliver like a baby! He doesnt like people touching his belly but will let me hold him like this in my lap and will occasionally actually let me rub his belly... it's adorable!
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mine do this as well.
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Sashka will do that occasionally but she doesn't stay long. If I tried to do that to Sunday I would end up without a face.

Well, that's not exactly true Sunday NEVER scratches and is never aggressive. I often say to Max that for a kitty that is the most affectionate, loving animal I have ever had the pleasure to know, she hates, and I mean HATES, being picked up. She just detests it...likes her feet firmly planted, that one!
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Bear never likes to be petted, in the morning bear likes to be kissed and loved on, but other than that he doesnt like to be touched
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Harley does the same thing! I've always wondered what it means too. Sometimes I just wish that he could talk!
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Yep, Miya sometimes does this. She'll put her paw on my lips or my nose.
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Veeshan likes to be cradled as well. I always thought she likes to put her paws on my face because it comforts her like when she would knead the mothers belly while drinking the milk. Veeshan will fall asleep like this then I have to hold her till she wakes up.
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I'm so jealous. When Jordan was a kitten he would do this, but now that he's the big bad alpha he becomes almost instantly aggressive when held on his back Isaac has never let me do this. Levi lets me, but I know he doesn't like it. Maggie is still a kitten so I hold her on her back all the time & she purrs super loud & falls asleep, I hope she doesn't grow out of it like Jordan did.
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Sleeves does this too!!! Not so much with me since he's grown a little older now but with Mark aaall the time. He's such a Daddys boy it's unreal. Mark can do anything he wants with him. When he was a baby he would fall asleep upside down in my arms and pad at my face, but now I can only hold him for a minute or 2 but Mark gets to walk around for hours with him.
Nismo is starting to enjoy cuddles a bit more so she lets me do this for longer and does get sleepy and purrs like a machine gun. Her legs wouldn't quite reach my face yet though
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This is soooo cute!
Singa also likes holding her paws somewhere in my face.... but the funniest spot is when she puts her one paw on my nose. I feel like a clown
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Gretchin does this too. My other Kitty, Patsy, will come up to me and just touch the side of my face with her paws. It's as if she is saying "look at me...not your book. I am much more important."
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