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Opie update

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We've had Opie, for three months, now and I think that he's succeeded with his takeover. He and Bill have bonded. Most of the time, if Bill is sitting down, Opie is on his lap. The drinking fountain has been a success and the catnip plant gets regular maulings. I just caught him playing with the cat toy we bought, too. Of course, as soon as he saw me, he dropped it and sauntered away. All in all, this seems to be a fairly happy, well-adjusted family. Next month: little brother or sister, for Opie. We'll see how well-adjusted we are, then. :disturbed
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Great! Sounds like you're doing something right.
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I'm glad things are going so well with Opie! Would it be possible for you to share a picture of him with us?
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This is my best picture of Opie. As soon as I remember to pick up another camera, I'll take more.
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What a cutie! He has an "I've been caught look!". Crap, now they saw me in the sink.
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What a beautiful cat!!
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Opie is such a cutie! How old is he? It's great to be able to put a little kitty face with the great stories you tell about him!
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what a beautiful boy!
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Opie is 3 years old. He was turned in to the Humane Society, by his owners, beause they were moving and couldn't take him. His original name was "Garfield". I am much more imaginative, than that. Since he's a mischievous redhead, "Opie" seemed to be a better choice. He doesn't seem to mind. That picture was taken before we got the fountain. He wanted to drink out of the faucet, instead of a bowl. Sometimes, he gets goofy and stands on his head - I'm trying to catch him and get a picture of that!
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How could anyone give up such a cute little guy!?!? Too bad for them but lucky for you! He sounds like such a little character - never a dull moment with Opie around.

I know what you mean about trying to catch the cute pics. Trent likes to carry his sparkly balls around in his mouth and it is so cute. Ophelia carries her rose buds around (her favorite toys), too and I have been trying to catch her doing that on film for about 2 years.
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Bill says that Opie does a "Yoda" impression. I haven't seen it, yet. Hopefully, I can get a god picture of that. It sounds cute. Opie stands on his head a lot, too. THAT I'm sure I can get a picture of - he does it whenever he's been into the catnip.
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Opie came back to bed this AM. He's been sleeping in the LaZboy, for about a week. That's where he was, when I went to bed, last night. Bill said that Opie was lounging on the kitchen counter, when he got up. When I woke up, though, there was a red-and-white ball of fur in my bed. He didn't get up until 9:00. I'm off work, today and I didn't sleep that late!
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Opie is just beautiful! Glad to hear he is doing so well!
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I found a picture of opie standing on his head, on my lap.
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That's so cute!
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He has a new trick, now. He knocks his brush onto the floor and rubs his face against it, as if he's brushing it. I don't brush his face, for fear of hurting his eyes or nose with the wire bristles. Guess I'll just let him keep on doing it himself.
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I'm really enjoying your Opie stories and pictures!

Thanks for sharing them!
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