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Nervous about new kitty - need advise please

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My name is Lisa and I am writing about my newly adopted Maine Coon mix kitty named Charlie. I got him yesterday at the Humane Society. He is the spitting image of my sweet kitty, Barnaby, who passed away two weeks ago from hyperosmolar diabetes.

The reason I am writing is because my new kitty has not urinated or eaten since he has been home. We got here yesterday at about noon. He drank the equivalent of a small bowl of water and his behavior is wonderful. He is extremely affectionate (like a baby) and loves to cuddle. He has been purring non-stop and seems well and happy. I called my vet (he has not called back) and also the vet for the Humane Society. They vet for the Humane Society told me this can be normal and we made an appt. for a checkup on Thursday, however, I also read on the internet that a cat can die in 24-48 hours if it does not urinate. I am really nervous because I cannot endure another heartbreak and I cannot endure any more financial hardships (we spent $1,600 on my Barnaby in a 26 hour span for the diabetes). I am not so concerned about the eating as I am the lack of urination. I have showed him his box and scatched his paw in it. They told me at the shelter that he is litter box trained and is 4 years old.

Any opinions? Thank you so much. I am glad I found this board.

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Charlie sounds lovely.

I'm not very good on tips, but lovely people will come along and help you, welcome to the boards.

I can only suggest he maybe a little nervous or shy? my cats will only use in private. cats are so fussy!

anyway i'm sure better help will arrive!
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Hi. First I wanted to say how great it is that you decided to adopt a cat from a shelter. There are so many that need homes!

Second, are you absolutely sure Charlie hasn't used the box? Maybe he has urinated somewhere else and just not actually in the box? Sometimes with a new home a cat may get confused as to where to go, even if he is trained. One kitten I adopted was urinating on my old bean bag chair (now deceased -- the reason obvious!) and not in her box. And she was litter box trained too.

Maybe confine him in the bathroom with his litter box when you can't observe him just ot be positive he is using it? It is good that you already made a vet appointment.

He may just be nervous. Has he had quiet time alone with the box to use it? Again, some time alone in the bathroom may help.

If he gets any other symptoms of something being wrong, maybe you could call the vet and insist on something sooner? Good luck with him! And so sorry to hear about Barnaby. Losing a pet is never easy.
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I wanted to clarify -- my bean bag chair is deceased -- not my kitten! (I just realized how that might have came across!!)
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Thanks for the welcome and replies. My kitty is so beautiful. All my animals have been strays. Barnaby was near death when I found him and he lived with me for 14 years. Losing a pet, like you said, is so devastating.

Charlie has had private time alone. He spent yesterday in the garage and last night in a bathroom. He likes my son's closet. That is where he is now. Every time I go into the room, he comes out and purrs and rubs all over the place. He is such a sweetie. He seems very happy. He also is not eating. I have tried canned chicken feast and also salmon blend. I have also given him dry and even tried Pounce. He licked a little gravy and that was it.

I guess I will continue to watch him. I am just so nervous after losing my precious Barnaby.

Thanks again!


(love these forums!!)
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Lisa, even if there is something wrong with your new kitty it might be quite simple to treat. I am hoping everything goes well for you because I know how quickly we come to love these little bundles. My thoughts are with you and I am sending love thoughts his way.
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My kittys are from shelters.

I wish you best of luck on this I really do, I notice with my kittys they live privacy an tend to use the litter during the ngiht times. crossed fingers, thats when he will use it.

take care now.
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How is he doing today? Any better?
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Prego wouldn't eat the first day I brought him home from the shelter. I think he was just nervous, but as you can see from his pic, he can't stay away from food for long!
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