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I read the sticky and some other posts but I think this is different.

Zissou is super-playful, and does the gentle leg attack / hand swipe sometimes when playing. She's learned not to do it very hard, and is stopping.
But the question is about a different thing. Her teeth are all grown in, and I thought it was just teething, but she keeps doing this.
She hops up on your lap, bed etc and purrs and purrs and is very affectionate and then starts biting our hands, purring loudly all the while. I have read what everyone says about her petting limit but that isn't it at all, it seems sort of like the opposite but paying more attention to her also doesn't stop her.
Does she think she's being affectionate? She's not really trying to hurt, and she seems happy and content while she does it. We play with her all the time, and we're all very attached to each other.
I've started simply removing her when she bites-- if she's sitting on my lap or on the bed, I set her down on the floor without yelling or clapping or spraying or anything. She still does it though.
Am I doing something wrong?
THank you!