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Picture of Smokey (see "Smokey is gone" thread)

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I tried to post a picture of Smokey with my original thread ("Smokey is gone"), but for whatever reason it wasn't working. Now that I can upload pictures, I wanted everyone to see her. Of course, I think she is the most beautiful cat I've ever seen

One night in the fall of 1992 she meowed at the top of her lungs outside my apartment door until I let her in. She was already a few years old at that time, and obviously knew what she was doing. It was love at first sight and she was with me until the end. It's been just over 3 weeks now since I had to put her to sleep. I still have a big hole in my heart, but continue to remember she is on the Rainbow Bridge making many new friends.

Thanks for your continued well wishes,
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smokey was beautiful! i know the hole it leaves.
and thank you , for taking the 13 year old cat. very sweet of you. give kitty big hugs for me!
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Suzieq, you are the best for taking that beautiful girl home with you. Her "family" has a lot to learn about love. Hugs to both of you!!!

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Smokey is beautiful. I know you miss her.
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Smokey was just beautiful! What unusual coloring on her. I'm sure she was a very special and unique friend. It's amazing how they know just who will love them and take care of them. I'm sure she is watching over you from the Bridge and waiting for you there.
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Thank you! Her coloring is called "blue cream tortoise shell". As opposed to regular torties, who are black w/ tan, she is gray w/ blonde. You don't see them often. As you can imagine, she also knew she was beautiful

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I'm sorry about Smokey. I cant even imagine having to put one mine to sleep! I really feel for you. I hope you are okay.

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LeeAnne, I hope you read my original post from 3/18 in Crossing the Bridge, and understand that it was an absolute last resort, as I loved her with all my heart. Like you, I always wondered how I would ever be able to do it, if ever put in the position. Honestly, seeing her so miserable during her last days made it seem almost as if I was giving her the best gift possible, her freedom. Thanks for the kind thoughts!

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I wish you all the best Summer !!!!
It is so hard when one of your beloved pets passes away .... .
Impossible to replace ..!

I wish you get over this soon and give all your kitty-love to a new kitten !! Success in whatever you do !! (this looks just like my Sydney !)
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