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Cat House

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My cat is VERY loving, except when my girlfriend and her cat are visiting. Her cat is very sweet and is not aggressive towards my cat. However, when she and her kitty are over, my cat refuses to come in. I hate seeing this especially when it is cold and rainy outside. Long story short, I bought him a cat house (dog house, really, shh don't tell) and filled it with a soft blanket and pillow. But he refuses to go inside. I've put food inside, too. No go. Today, he just sat outside in the cold drizzle on cold concrete only a foot away from a warm, new house. Any ideas to make him feel comfortable?
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The only way you can make him comfortable with a new friend is to put them in contact with each other or each others smells. Having one outside and one inside is never going to get them used to each other. Cats are very particular about their stuff. He will probably not use the house until he feels he needs to and likes the idea. He may never use it or one day decide to check it out and enjoy it. If he is unhappy he will let you know. Does he stay outdoors all the time?
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My cat, Bob, is mainly an outdoor soul. He certainly appreciates the comforts of home (loves to sleep on a pillow in bed), but he is definitely a wild child. Bob and my girlfriend's cat can sleep in the same bed during the night. But it is a 180 degree change in Bob's attitude. He is no longer tolerant and loveable. Instead he's always on guard and distrusting. He's happy once he's outside; so when my gf's cat is here, that's where he's found. But it gets cold and rainy, so I want him to use this house I got for him. Perhaps it looks too much like a pet carrier. I really don't know.
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Why not keep Bob in another part of your house, so he is warm?

I agree with Sandie; they need to come in contact. You could try giving them treats together. I do this with our 3 cats (Gizmo is too young). I give them those Pounce treats.... this is the only time they (Cinammon & Tigger; Fluffy is neutral & could care less) will sit with each other happily! (we have a similar situation with our one cat, Cinammon. We have come to understand that she will always enjoy Fluffy's company, but when Tigger & Gizmo are nearby, ah, forget about it!)

Good luck!
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