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old cat vs new 6 month old kitten

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hey my name is justin. I only ever had 1 cat at a time i have an old cat now she is about 8 years old and i just got a 6 week old kitten and i thought that my old cat would get along with the kitten but when i brought the kitten home and held my old cat over by the kitten she scratched me and started meowing and grawling.I read some of the post on here but i no they have to confront each other face to face someday but i don't want them to fight cause i don't want one of them to get older cat is a very loving cat so thats why i dont understand why she is being so hateful towards the kitten..the kitten is very loving to and the hissing and grawling doesn't even bother the kitten...How would i go about getting them to maybe we able to be in the same room with out my older cat going crazy.....i really need help
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Hi Justin,

Welcome to The Cat Site

Introducing cats can be a bit tricky - I'm sure someone over in the behavior forum could probably have some suggestions for you.

A couple of months ago I introduced Boogs and then Gracie into our family and Wowzer wasn't one bit happy. It took her until just a couple of weeks ago before she stopped hissing at them anytime they got anywhere near her.
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Sorry to hear that you're having trouble introducing the new cat the rest. You can make a topic about that here:

Behavior Forum - click here

There are some very friendly, helpful & knowledgable people on here. I hope everything works out with your cat situation. Welcome to The Cat Site by the way! Hope you find what you need to.

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Thats exactely what happens here.

About a year ago my nan brought a kitten as her last cat died cause she got run over (R.I.P.Poppy ) Well we went to have a look at the kittens with her and the kittens owner said we could pick the kittens up but as she opened the cage one of the kittens lepped(sp?) on my shoulder and wouldn't leave me alone. well anyway my nan chose which kitten she wanted and was just about to pay the lady and then decided to ask my mum if she wanted one as our cat was getting very old. She was 17yrs at the time. So we were trying to decide whether to get one or not and then my mum said YES. I was so excited. The owner opened the cage agin and the same kitten lepped(sp?) on my shoulder again . My mum told me to choose which kitten i wanted and said i wanted the kitten on my shoulder so my nan paid for both of them
We went to the shops (i sat in the car) and got the kittens some food, toys etc. and took them home and when the kitten saw the older cat she went mad but now it's the other way round. Cause now my 17yr old cat is 18yrs nearly 19yrs is partly blind she can't see much, so she can't she my youngest cat (saffy). So everytime saffy sniffs or touches Lia she hisses and sort of runs away bless her.
At night and during the day we keep both cats in different rooms. May not work for you but it does for us. Also helps as my older cat won't escape out the door but my youngest cat will

So there. basically told you my life story but hey who cares.

for reading it all

Luv Lucinda
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Welcome to TCS your cats will learn to tolerate eachother
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hi and welcome to TCS odette and hadley
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Hello It's nice to meet you!!

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In addition to the wonderful advice you might receive on the behavior forum, please read this article :

If you have any questions about the site, please feel free to drop me a private message by clicking on my user name.
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Hi there Justin we're so happy to welcome you and and your kitties to TCS. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay with us - we're one great big family and you'll find loads of friends here. If I can help at all while you're finding your way around TCS just click on my username and send me a Personal Message - I'll do what I can to answer your questions

I hope you managed to find some help in the links given above. Fingers crossed that before long your kitties will be firm friends
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Hi welcome to the site.
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I hope it won`t be too long before your kitties adjust to one another.
I did`nt know about "iproper introductions" when we got our second cat...but after 3 days of hissing and slapping they decided to start playing and have been best buddies ever since. (They were both about 6 months old though, so i`m sure being both still kittens had a lot to do with it)
Welcome here on TCS!
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!

See you on the forums!!!
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Hello and Welcome!!

Hope to see you around!
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Wellcome, welcome and once more wellcome!!!
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