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Please forgive me!!

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Okay... so some of you may not want to take a look at this. But me... I think it's absolutely hilarious. A website that tells you the date you will... die.

Check it out if you dare!

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Hello fellow Portlander!!!

What is absolutely hilarious is reading the email responses to the site. Some people just can't seem to get a joke!!!!
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Oh I'm sure it's all based on actuarial tables and other statistics!

But it's nice to think I might live to 80, that means I'm not even halfway through my life, and today I feel like that just might be true!
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I'll only be 79. If you put in that you are pessamistic or sadistic it shortens your life span by a bunch.
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I put in the stats for my mother (who retired last year) and it showed that she died 3 years ago! LOL
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I almost clicked on that but then I remembered that I went there before. I don't want to know my date again! That scared me! I'm way too superstitious, but I'm not really freaked out or offended. It's just kinda eerie.
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Hey spacecat. I put my grandpa in and it said he died 2 years ago. He's still alive and kickin'. It says my grandma will die in 2004. Too crazy!

It's all statistics, that's all.
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Here is mine! I will be 102!!! Cool
Your Personal Day of Death is...
Friday, January 18, 2075

Seconds left to live...

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Those emails are pretty funny! And the spelling in some- teachers go get your cyber-red pencils out! LOL
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That's funny I expected more questions about my lifestyle and health...guess that doesn't matter...:LOL:
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