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Hello. I have a 5 month old kitten and for the past 2 month's that i've had her, i was feeding her SophistaCat Supreme for kittens (turkey, mixed grill, and ocean whitefish formulas). One day i ran out, and gave her 1/4 of a can of my older cat's adult food until i got more later on. I fed her Friskies; on the side of the can it says something about it being suitible for adults and kittens, so i didn't think it would do much harm for a day. So that night i picked up her normal Sophistacat food, but she refused to touch it. This lasted 3 days, and instead of starving her, i've continued to give her the Friskies (which is flaked and prime fillets) because she seemed to love it.

Two days ago i bought 3 cans of Nutro Maxcat Kitten (turkey and liver flavors) and she refuses to eat that too. I'm thinking she just doesn't like the mushy food anymore, and she likes the texture of the flaked and fillet foods. I don't know how healthy this is for her, so i was just wondering if there's a kitten food out there that has different textures like the friskies brand. She still eats the dry SophistaCat kitten food, so she's getting some of the nutrients she needs. Anyone have advice?
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does she like chunks in gravy.. try the nutro pouches.authority.. if you have access try merrick..
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! thank you
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You really need a high quality food, and once you find it, don't switch it on her. They don't need variety like we think they do. but they do need good quality wet and dry and sophisticat is more generic than anything else.
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Sigh.. once they get hooked on the yummy gravy food it's hard to go back. Personally I would feed friskies over sophisitcat. Nutro is much better but my cats don't like it, except for the pouches, which aren't exactly cheap- They are on sale 44 cents right now at petsmart, but they have the gravy texture that cats seem to like.
I would switch her dry food over to a higher quality kitten food- nutro is pretty good. There are plenty of other high quality brands, but what I have learned on this site is that you are getting the best quality food for your buck. If price is an issue or you don't have a pet specialty store I would go with purina one. Authority is also okay from petsmart.
Myself, I feed my cats the higher quality dry foods and they each get a bit of "junk" wet food twice a day. If I could start all over again I would have given the first cat something like nutro max canned to start, instead of whatever was the cheapeast or on sale. I did try feeding him iams kitten, which he stuck up his nose at.
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I add warm water to my cats' canned food and mix it up like a gruel. It seems like they like it better that way.
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